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Skin Care Crush: Shiseido Waso

Sheido Waso Review
A month or two ago I came home to exciting Shiseido mail. You know how much I love Japanese beauty, and Shiseido is one of those top notch quality Japanese brands that have gained a lot of popularity across the globe. I hadn't yet tried their skin care, but when I saw the new minimalist Waso range pop up on social media I was already intrigued by the name (Waso combines two words: 'WA' meaning a Japanese sense of peaceful and harmony, and 'SO' meaning inspiration, idea and thought), refreshing packaging design and the Japanese food tradition philosophy that goes behind the products: Washoku.

My New Nuuna Bullet Journal: Layouts, Monthly Segments, Decorations & Tips

Old VS New Bullet Journal
Not too long ago I wrote about my very first bullet journal.If you haven't read that post yet, check it out here. I used a Moleskine notebook I had laying around and gave it a try, with lots of trial and error. After about half a year of using that one, I decided that I wanted to get a bigger and better notebook. My Moleskine notebook was lined while most bullet journals are dotted, which makes it much easier to design grids and other handy layouts. I also found the size of my Moleskine to be a little too small, but I didn't want to commit to a full size A4 journal either. After some research I discovered my new notebook: a large dotted Nuuna notebook. And with a new bullet journal, come new layouts and techniques..

London City Break for my 30th Birthday

London Bday City Trip Cover
We weren't originally planning for a city break this summer as we have a big trip to Japan coming up later this year, but as I was turning thirty and actually love birthdays (including turning thirty -how awesome is that?!) I really wanted to spend it somewhere special and close to my heart. I obviously did not have to think twice about where that should be: London has my heart, always. Small warning: this is going to be a picture heavy post!

Le Petit Marseillais Express Body Sprays

Le Petit Marseillas Nutrition Express Body Lotion Spray Review
I've had my eye on body lotion sprays for a little while now, but with my never ending stash of regular body lotions at home (the perks of beauty blogging..) I somehow never got around to testing them out. Fast forward to now: Le Petit Marseillais just launched their own Express Body Sprays here and I was lucky enough to get a little preview of all three varieties so I could already use them this Summer. Spoiler alert.. these definitely won't be the last that enter my bathroom cabinet!

Japan Sheet Mask Haul

Japan Sheet Mask Haul 1
Throwback to the Easter holidays (yes, I am lagging!): my boyfriend went to Japan for a week and I obviously gave him a small shopping list. When I think about beauty shopping in Japan, I immediately think of all the sheet masks that you can find in drugstores. It's sheet mask heaven! As I couldn't do much discovering myself, I went for a few golden oldies that I've purchased there in the past, as they have never failed me. So if you - or one of your loved ones who'd gladly pick up a few bits and bobs for you - are headed to Japan, this haul can double as a pretty straight-forward list of easy to find sheet masks that won't break your bank and will help your skin!