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A few new(ish) skin care bits

Recent skin care bits
Wow, the past week went by so fast! I've been struggling making my way through all of the new products that have been eagerly waiting to work their way to the blog, but here's a small overview of a few of the skin care products that I've been really liking the past few months. My skin has been acting up a little after doing some traveling and getting back into the daily routine of things, so it's a mix between products for a little extra hydration & products to perfect my skin and tackle that ever so pesky acne.

The New Thing: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks review
Too much Vice is never enough. So why not launch 100 Vice lipsticks? Urban Decay just launched their most extensive lipstick lineup ever: Vice lipsticks come in 100 shades & six finishes (mega matte, comfort matte, metallized, sheer, sheer shimmer & cream) and have another 50 accompanying lip pencils that launched along with them. There are a bunch of new shades, a few old fan favourites & even some shades inspired by Urban Decay eyeshadows & eye pencils. I went to the launch party in Antwerp - in true Urban Decay style - and became an instant fan. I took home three very different lipsticks: one I'll never wear again, one I've been wearing daily and another one I'm keeping safe for special nights out. Can you guess?

Hooked On (Beauty) Podcasts

Favourite Podcasts
I've been really loving listening to podcasts. I used to only listen along with my boyfriend in the car, but now I've finally downloaded a podcast app so I can listen whenever I want. My commute to work is pretty hefty in the public transport department, so anything that makes sitting on a train more fun is welcome. In the meanwhile I've found a few great podcasts I love listening to, including an awesome beauty themed podcast by two cosmetic chemists that's been teaching me all about beauty products and has been debunking many ingredient myths. And yes, I'm willing to share my current podcast recommendations with you!

Before & After: L'Oréal Steampod

L'Oréal Steampod Review
Back in the day when I was fourteen and pretty reckless, my girlfriends and I used to style our hair with clothing irons. I had never heard of a hair straightener (hey, we're talking 15 years ago!) and I hadn't even ever thought of styling my hair like that, but when one of my BFF's moved back from Australia she told us it was all the hype there. It soon became all the hype pretty much everywhere and I bought my first hair straightener a few years later. From crappy to a little less crappy to my beloved GHD I bought with one of my first full-time pay checks: I went through quite a few. While I hadn't really been thinking about buying a new straightener as my GHD is still in pretty good shape after all those years, I was quite intrigued by the new L'Oréal Professionnel & Rowenta Steampod when it first launched a few years ago. A good new hair styling tool is always quite an investment, so I was pretty happy (and that's an understatement) when the new Steampod - version 2.0 with a pretty limited edition Brazil design - landed on my beauty desk.

Current Bronzer Crush: Guerlain Terracotta

Guerlain Summer Terracotta 2016
Let's talk about my current bronzer crush. I'm quite pale (we're talking NC15, NC20 when I'm really tan) and back in the dayz it was very hard to find a good bronzer to match my skin tone. It does look like this has changed the past couple of years, with more & more brands releasing a variety of shades and intensities to match anyone's liking. This year I'm yet again crushing on Guerlain's already well loved Terracotta bronzers, which now come in four new shades to match very light, medium & dark skin tones. It's just so pretty!