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Current Bronzer Crush: Guerlain Terracotta

Guerlain Summer Terracotta 2016
Let's talk about my current bronzer crush. I'm quite pale (we're talking NC15, NC20 when I'm really tan) and back in the dayz it was very hard to find a good bronzer to match my skin tone. It does look like this has changed the past couple of years, with more & more brands releasing a variety of shades and intensities to match anyone's liking. This year I'm yet again crushing on Guerlain's already well loved Terracotta bronzers, which now come in four new shades to match very light, medium & dark skin tones. It's just so pretty!

Musing On Estée Lauder's Modern Muse

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Fragrance Collection
Let's talk about one of my very favourite fragrances. Modern Muse by Estée Lauder launched back in 2013 (in the US) and 2014 (in Europe) and I was one of the lucky few ladies to be invited to the launch of the fragrance in Amsterdam. Read all about that here. I fell head over heels in love almost instantly - this fragrance just blew me straight away. While I've been patiently waiting for more varieties based on the original scent (#modernmuseaddict), Estée Lauder has launched Le Rouge and Eau De Rouge, two quite different fragrances that seem like they were made for a different type of modern muse. So which modern muse are you?

Another Chubby? Meet Clinique's Chubbby In The Nude Foundation Stick!

Clinique Chubby Foundation Review
I love a good foundation review, so I couldn't wait to share my findings about Clinique's new Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick with you. It seems like Clinique is launching a Chubby of everything, but I'm not complaining as I've been smitten with the Chubby hype since day one. This new foundation stick promises easy light coverage which is buildable to a heavier coverage, with a soft creamy formula that wears well for 8 hours without settling into pores. Whew, that's a whole lot of promises. So does this new Chubby live up to them?

A few recent drugstore discoveries..

Drugstore Discoveries May 16
First of all, dear reader, I'd like to apologise for being so absent the past couple of weeks. I've been on holiday to sunny Florida for two weeks in May (find some pictures on my Instagram!) and went to the beautiful wedding of one of my best friends in the South of France last weekend, so I haven't really found the time to update the blog as much as I would have liked to. The positive note? There is so much I want to write about, so expect a regular flow of articles coming your way for the rest of the summer! And now on to business.. Finding a great luxury product that truly works for you is great, but it's even more awesome when you find a good drugstore product as it means you won't be spending as much and you'll get a lot more bang for your buck. I've been trying out a bunch of drugstore products recently and have discovered a few great new ones that are a must-try if you're on the lookout for beauty on a budget.

Estée Lauder's new ANR Powerfoil Mask

Estee Lauder Powerfoil Mask Advanced Night Repair Review
Tell me what your night looks like.. I'll tell you about mine. My night time ritual is pretty extensive. You see, I never slack in the evenings. I've learned that skipping my routine or not cleansing properly is the worst thing I can possibly do: my skin punishes me instantly with a breakout or two. Ugh. So I like to go all out in the evening: double cleansing, double toning & of course I'm always going for a well picked out serum followed by a nighttime moisturiser. And while that already sound like more than enough I like to treat my skin with one extra stop once or twice a week: long live face masks. Now I love a good clay or cream face mask that you apply with a brush or your hands (good examples here, here & here), but I've been really loving sheet masks ever since I went to Japan. I've tried tissue sheet masks & gel sheet masks, but I hadn't ever tried a foil mask until I was introduced to Estée Lauder's newest skin care drop: the Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask.