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Le Petit Marseillais Express Body Sprays

Le Petit Marseillas Nutrition Express Body Lotion Spray Review
I've had my eye on body lotion sprays for a little while now, but with my never ending stash of regular body lotions at home (the perks of beauty blogging..) I somehow never got around to testing them out. Fast forward to now: Le Petit Marseillais just launched their own Express Body Sprays here and I was lucky enough to get a little preview of all three varieties so I could already use them this Summer. Spoiler alert.. these definitely won't be the last that enter my bathroom cabinet!

Japan Sheet Mask Haul

Japan Sheet Mask Haul 1
Throwback to the Easter holidays (yes, I am lagging!): my boyfriend went to Japan for a week and I obviously gave him a small shopping list. When I think about beauty shopping in Japan, I immediately think of all the sheet masks that you can find in drugstores. It's sheet mask heaven! As I couldn't do much discovering myself, I went for a few golden oldies that I've purchased there in the past, as they have never failed me. So if you - or one of your loved ones who'd gladly pick up a few bits and bobs for you - are headed to Japan, this haul can double as a pretty straight-forward list of easy to find sheet masks that won't break your bank and will help your skin!

Life Update + Lash (Lift) Update

Balloons 30th Birthday
Alright, I'm back. Sorry for the small break! July started off in a rush, but luckily ended pretty well with the start of a stay-at-home holiday. I've celebrated turning thirty in London (a post about this city break is following soon!) and have mostly relaxed at home since. When life is usually consistently busy, it can be pretty hard to relax all of the sudden.. As strange as that might sound. By now I've pretty much gotten the hang of it, so I'm writing this on a Monday morning in the sofa, still wearing my PJ's and enjoying a nice cup of coffee.. Soundtrack: Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit. Such bliss.

I also finally went to my hairdresser (check out his website here) again to give my locks a much needed chop and an even much more needed colour refresh. Recently Ben also expanded his hair salon with a privatised beauty salon operated by Carolien, so guests can now enjoy beauty treatments while their hair colour develops or after they've had their hair done. I opted for a lash lift while I was there - I had never tried a lift before and had read some pretty good things about the effects, and most importantly seen some pretty impressive results in pictures.

No Light DIY Gel Mani: Essie Gel Couture

Essie Gel Couture - Hold The Position Review I'm a little late to the party, but hey.. I'm here now! I finally tried out Essie's Gel Couture nail polish that launched last Summer. My nails don't hold polish very well, so any formula that promises longer wear deserves a chance in my book. I tried acryl nails a long long time ago, which was probably the only time ever I could sport the same nail look for multiple weeks in a row. Granted this Gel Couture formula won't keep going on your nails for weeks, but it will at least perform better than most regular nail polishes.

The Mascara Files: Dior Diorshow Pump 'n Volume

Dior Pump N Volume Mascara Review
Ahhh, the quest for the perfect mascara. I've reviewed a few mascaras in my blogging times - read up on all those reviews here - and still have a few waiting to be tried and tested. When this new one by Dior came up though, it went straight to the first spot in line. The Diorshow Pump 'n Volume mascara comes with a soft tube that can be squeezed at the bottom, to "warm up" the mascara for use. In a beauty market where new mascaras are released almost weekly by a plethora of brands, it's no wonder new kinds of unique selling points need to be thought of to ensure a new mascara gets enough attention. But does this really work?