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The Mascara Files: Dior Diorshow Pump 'n Volume

Dior Pump N Volume Mascara Review
Ahhh, the quest for the perfect mascara. I've reviewed a few mascaras in my blogging times - read up on all those reviews here - and still have a few waiting to be tried and tested. When this new one by Dior came up though, it went straight to the first spot in line. The Diorshow Pump 'n Volume mascara comes with a soft tube that can be squeezed at the bottom, to "warm up" the mascara for use. In a beauty market where new mascaras are released almost weekly by a plethora of brands, it's no wonder new kinds of unique selling points need to be thought of to ensure a new mascara gets enough attention. But does this really work?

"Les P'tits Bonheurs" of Le Petit Marseillais

Le Petit Marseillais - Les P'tits Bonheurs Review
A little everyday pampering goes a long way. I don't often go to the spa (I have commitment problems when it comes to splurging on a one-time treatment), but I do love to indulge in products that add just that little extra touch to my routine. For me, those little luxuries are often small things: like a lipstick that I proudly carry with me in my purse or a fragrant shower gel that turns my shower cabin into a spa-like experience. For some reason I always end up taking shower gels with me from holidays for example (exhibit here) - it takes me back to those holidays during my morning shower and I just can't resist exploring new scents. Le Petit Marseillais knows what's up and just launched their Les P'tit Bonheurs - translated: little moments of joy - range featuring four fragrant and nourishing shower gels to bring the sunshine into your bathroom.

#BrushCrush: My New Bisyodo Traditional Japanese Makeup Brushes

Bisyodo Japanese Brush Review
With a special place in my heart for Japan and a soft spot for makeup brushes, it is no wonder that I have developed a serious love for traditional Japanese handmade makeup brushes over the past few years. Japanese brushes have been becoming more readily available the past few years, so it doesn't take a trip to Japan to get introduced to them anymore.  I got a few new Bisyodo brushes a month or two ago, and I've been extensively using these brushes when getting ready in the morning. It's been a bit of a love story with some of these, especially their quality range has been a real joy to use. Insert pink hearts emoji here!

The Look: Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette Review and Look
I have been meaning to publish this post about Maybelline's budget friendly The Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette since forever, but I never got around to actually typing it all out. Here it (finally) goes though! I have been leaning more and more towards budget friendly makeup items lately. I still combine them with a few luxury favourites of course, but I can't help but feel a little strange about buying luxury items when I know there is a cheaper alternative out there that does pretty much the same job. This is definitely trial and error as there are cheaper alternatives that are just that (cheap) and are horrendous in quality. Luckily though, there are other competitors out there too. I do like Maybelline's Nudes palettes for example, I reviewed the original one here and liked it despite its mixed reviews. Rewind to two years ago when I was in the US, I spotted the The Blushed Nudes palette at an Ulta in New Jersey and hesitated to take it with me. Last year the palette finally also made its way here, so now there's all the more reason to check whether it lives up to the original.

Falsies, Greige Nail Polish & New Bling

The Happiness Boutique
My nails were having a good moment the past few months - hair supplements not only make your hair stronger, but your nails too. I was happily filing away when all of the sudden my bad nail luck came back and I had not one, but two nails tearing. Now I don't mind a short nail, but there tears were quite deep into my nail so just filing them down was not an option.. In come DIY falsies: I purchased a box a couple of months ago at HEMA after I saw a YouTube tutorial on how to get the perfect mani at home, and being mani-lazy as I am I had not tried them yet. And what do you know.. They ended up looking really pretty and elegant! Add to that new bling ring from The Happiness Boutique, and I'm all confident about my hands again.