Thursday, 27 August 2015

The New Thing: Burberry Eye Colour Cream

Burberry Eye Colour Cream
You know how much of a cream eyeshadow fan I am. On top of that, you might also know that I'm a big fan of Burberry's beauty range. It's luxurious, timeless and rarely fails. And the campaign images are just beautiful. Recently they've come out with a new product in their range: cream eyeshadows. They didn't have any cream eyeshadows yet, but given that I love their powder eyeshadow formulas I was very eager to give these a go. I've been trying out three Burberry Eye Colour Cream shades over the past few weeks and they've literally made it to my top Muji shelf with the rest of my favourite cream eyeshadow gang. It's a permanent addition to their range, so they're here to stay and that's a good thing!

Monday, 24 August 2015

New York Beauty Haul

New York Beauty Haul
I can’t believe I still owe you this one! It’s been nearly three months since I was in the States already and I totally forgot to post my NYC haul.. Oops! I was in New York for six days on a personal holiday, so I had a little more shopping time than during my last trip to the US. I’m still planning to do a post with all the fun stuff we did during our stay (check out my Instagram account in the meanwhile as I posted quite a few pictures from the trip), but as I’m a sucker for these kinds of travel beauty haul posts myself.. I didn’t want to keep it from you! Sorry it took a little longer than I had promised..

Monday, 17 August 2015

Sun Products 2015: protect the skin you're in!

Sun Products Guide Summer 2015
About three weeks ago I was kicking it at the French riviera and oh my, it was wonderful. #TAKEMEBACK. Now if there’s one thing you should know about the Côte d'Azur during the Summer it’s that it gets really hot and sunny.. from early in the morning on until the last rays of sun. I don’t ever really go on super sunny holidays, so it’s the first time that I’ve actually been able to thoroughly test some of the sun products I was sent. It’s super important to protect yourself against the sun and reapply often, especially when you’re heading to a much sunnier climate than you’re used to as you might underestimate the sun’s strength. So don't think you're the exception to sun damage and don't pretend you can escape it - invest in sun protection!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Super Quick One Product Eye Look

The One Product Eye
Colour me addicted. I am a sucker for the one product eye (not including mascara), a go-to saviour for when I’m rushing through the morning and seriously can’t be bothered or don’t have the time to go smokey or cut crease chique. Which happens more or less about every weekday, so yeah.. I do this often. I’m in love with easy peasy cream & liquid eyeshadow products that make life easier. So much easier! It literally takes about a minute to apply these and blend them out on both eyes. If you’re a fan of the five minute makeup face.. then do read on.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Aveda's New Anti-Frizz Styling Creme + Giveaway

Win Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme
In the list of things I really don't like: hair frizz. If I don't style my hair properly, I'm without a doubt the queen of the frizz. And although it sounds exciting to be a queen, I'd rather pass for that title.. In come an array of products that join me in the big Battle Of The Frizz: it starts with never skipping conditioner and the promise not to let my hair air dry and continues with always using appropriate styling products that'll keep your 'do manageable. I've teamed up with Aveda to try out their latest anti-frizz drop: the Smooth Infusion nourishing styling creme. It'll nourish your tresses, control that crazy frizz and keep your hair smooth all day through. I love Aveda & I love frizz-free hair styles, so we're holding a little giveaway. Read on for a chance to win one of five bottles..