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Chanel's Rouge Coco Stylo

Rouge Coco Stylo
A few months ago, along with their renewed nail polishes, Chanel introduced their newest lipstick: Rouge Coco Stylo. The formula and finish lays somewhere in between a lipstick and a lip balm: it's shiny, nourishing & smooth while still being quite pigmented. Admittedly I've been crushing hard on matte lippies the past year, but those can be quite drying and don't always fit every look - especially during hot summer days. These new Stylo ones come in pretty handy when you're after some shine & colour, but don't want to feel like you're wearing lipstick.

Up-close: Beautyblender Liner.Designer

Beautyblender Liner.Designer review
I've been blogging with a bit of a slow pace lately: I've decided not to force a stream of words, but to let them come naturally whenever I really feel like sitting down and blogging. Luckily I've lost my words during Summer time when most of you are enjoying much more time outdoors and have less time to read this blog. And very rightly so! I've been feeling very energised by spending more time outdoor (even if it's while catching Pokémon) and soaking up the sun, fresh air and good vibes. Talking about catching Pokémon: I went out on a Pokémon hunt with some bad ass winged liner, the first time I wore a bold wing in what feels like ages. I kinda lost my wing way the past years as they would just never end up right, but I finally figured out how to use the Beautyblender Liner.Designer and finally mastered those wings.

Sun Products 2016: what I used in Florida

Florida Sun Products
Now this article has been a long time coming.. I've been back for nearly two months now, but it's been a hard getting back into the routine of things and I've been forgetting about this article. With the sudden amazing weather in Belgium, I figured it's finally time to get this one published. My boyfriend and I went on holiday to Florida in May for two weeks and needless to say, it was very sunny there! I am not used to lots of sun (I had a huge vitamin D deficiency this Winter to show for it) and to top it all off, I got a sudden sun allergy last year that has warned me to be cautious with how I protect my skin from the sun. We used a whole lot of sun products in Florida, such as no less than three spray bottles of body sunscreen. Yep, I took things very seriously!

A few new(ish) skin care bits

Recent skin care bits
Wow, the past week went by so fast! I've been struggling making my way through all of the new products that have been eagerly waiting to work their way to the blog, but here's a small overview of a few of the skin care products that I've been really liking the past few months. My skin has been acting up a little after doing some traveling and getting back into the daily routine of things, so it's a mix between products for a little extra hydration & products to perfect my skin and tackle that ever so pesky acne.

The New Thing: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks review
Too much Vice is never enough. So why not launch 100 Vice lipsticks? Urban Decay just launched their most extensive lipstick lineup ever: Vice lipsticks come in 100 shades & six finishes (mega matte, comfort matte, metallized, sheer, sheer shimmer & cream) and have another 50 accompanying lip pencils that launched along with them. There are a bunch of new shades, a few old fan favourites & even some shades inspired by Urban Decay eyeshadows & eye pencils. I went to the launch party in Antwerp - in true Urban Decay style - and became an instant fan. I took home three very different lipsticks: one I'll never wear again, one I've been wearing daily and another one I'm keeping safe for special nights out. Can you guess?