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Review: Budget Friendly L'Oréal Pure Clay Masks

L"Oréal Drugstore Clay Masks Review
Budget skin care is something I haven't explored often enough the past few years: I have been using budget cleansers & primers and of course a bunch of sheet masks (although most by Asian drug store brands), but I've not thoroughly ventured into other budget friendly skin care such as clay masks, night creams, scrubs, .. And I really should! Skin care can get quite expensive when shopping in the luxury isle, so a new goal of mine is to incorporate even more drugstore brands into my daily routines so I can save more money for future travels, for example. I have really been enjoying the face mask craze in 2016, so I was pretty excited to be able to try out the new L'Oréal Pure Clay masks. There are three of them and I gladly put them to the test.

Beauty Advent Calendars 2016: The Loot

Advent Calendar 2016 Loot

I told you about my beauty calendar goal for 2016 and I was lucky enough to receive two beauty calendars  - one high end and one drugstore - to try out. How fun! I had never tried beauty calendars before as I always stuck to chocolate ones, so it was quite the discovery and very fun. But are these beauty calendars worth it? I was a little worried for myself especially because being a beauty aficionado, I already own a lot of beauty stuff and I wasn't sure I'd be needing a lot of extra small beauty items. But then again, it seemed like the perfect way to discover new things & treat yo self. Let's see!

Easy Peasy Recipe: Speculoos & Raspberry Bread Pudding

Recipe Raspberry Speculoos Bread Pudding
It's been ages since I've published a recipe and I'd love to change that in 2017! So let's jump right into that resolution with this delicious bread pudding I made during the holidays. In Belgium we celebrate Sinterklaas beginning of december and every year that also equals lots and lots of speculoos. Speculoos is a delicious cookie made with spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg & cardamom. The more traditional cookies will be spicier than the ones you'll find in supermarkets, but I like both! I had quite some traditional speculoos in my pantry, so to finish it faster I added some to my bread pudding. SO yum! Especially in combination with raspberries..

Skin Care Update: Evening Routine

Evening Skin Care Routine
Picking up after last week's article about my morning skin care routine, I'm excited to share a few new discoveries that I've added to my night time skin care routine. I of course also introduce face masks and various treatments to my routine as needed, but this time let's talk about the staples that I use every night. I find that routine is key in skin care, both in the amount of steps you do & the products you use. But of course there's also something awesome about discovering new "holy grail" products.. So it's a little bit of both for me!

Skin Care Update: Morning Routine

Skin Routine Morning
New seasons call for new skin care routines. During the winter time I like to be extra gentle with my skin. I have combination skin, but while my T-zone can get oily my skin can feel very thirsty at the same time. Now that the weather is getting colder and I've had a cold for a few days, my skin is having an existential crisis and decided to be all dehydrated again. So it's time for a winter skin care update!