Thursday, 18 September 2014

Dior The Perfumes

Dior The Perfumes Book
Warning: early Christmas gift purchase alert! Dior is launching their first ever official Dior perfume book. Written by well-known scent critic Chandler Burr, with photography by Terri Weifenbach - this book is a stunner. The result is a gorgeous luxurious book full of history, descriptions and history details about Dior scents from 1947 up until today. With this publication Dior aims to showcase that besides being a fashion and couture house, they are most definitely also an important and leading perfume house. The book is launching this month in the US, and next month in the rest of Europe and will retail for €90.00/$115.00 suggested retail price. A great gift for anyone you know with a weak spot for Dior fragrances. And yes, that's a floral wall by the amazingly talented Belgian florist Mark Colle on the cover!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Less Frizz, More Fun

Aveda Smooth Infusion
Even though my hair is pretty much straight as it is, it has some wavy bits throughout and it's very frizzy. I'm one of those persons who just simply can't let their hair air dry - it's horrible. Blowdrying it from towel-dry to dry helps a lot, and I use my GHD straightener afterwards on any bits that are still wavy or a little too unruly. This is mostly around the contours of my face, where some hair is a little shorter because of the fringe I used to sport for the past ten years. I need to do this each time I wash my hair, and when it gets all humid outside.. the smooth effect can be reversed in just a couple of minutes. That's where Aveda's new cream styling product Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight comes in.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Date Night Fragrances

Date Night Fragrance
I used to be the kind of girl that just went with one, maybe two perfumes and just switched it up along the mood of the day. Those days are long gone now and while I'm still not sure on which basis I actually pick my perfume in the morning - I do have a set of preferences for different occasions. Like date night for example - those kinds of nights call for the best of scents. Not too overpowering, but feminine, sexy and long-lasting. Let me dish out my faves.

Monday, 8 September 2014

A Chanel Autumn Look

It's definitely time to face the truth: even though the sun has decided to grace us with its presence once again after all, Autumn is fast approaching and I don't necessarily think that'd a bad thing. Don't get me wrong - I love wearing slippers and showing off bright nail polishes on my toe nails. I'm also just very comfortable in booties, parkas and thick knits. And on top of that, I've been loving the Autumn collections again. I think Autumn collections are my very favourite of the year - along with nature, shades tend to lean over to the neutral spectrum and everything's focused on feeling comfortable. Or at least that's how I see it.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Modern Muse

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to discover a new fragrance by Estée Lauder in Amsterdam. Fragrance, Amsterdam, Estée Lauder, .. I know a good reason to take a day off when I see one. I spent the day shopping with my friend Lisha (from the blog Joliette), and in the late afternoon went for a cocktail with the Estée Lauder team. I was very excited to try their new scent Modern Muse for the first time - Instagram has been buzzing with pictures and there's nothing like a good word of mouth buzz (and let's admit it, a very pretty perfume bottle) to make you want to try something. This fragrance already launched in many countries, so we're pretty late to the party... But it's still a fun party nonetheless.