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MAC & Caitlyn Jenner's Finally Free Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Caitlyn Jenner Finally Free

This has got to be one of the most special collaborations MAC Cosmetics is doing this year. Caitlyn Jenner has launched her very first lipstick with MAC Cosmetics and has named it "Finally Free". That name puts such a big smile on my face! And not only is the thought behind the lipstick and the fact that the full price of the lipstick (not just the proceeds!) go to the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative beautiful.. It's also genuinely a really beautiful colour that fits right into that rose/brown/nude lipstick trend we've all been rocking lately.

Urban Decay Summer 2016

Urban Decay Summer 2016 Review
Aloha! Summer is fast approaching and that means I'm still cutting my hair shorter and shorter (seriously: that beachy messy long bob vibe.. I'm digging it) & I'm also still going stronger and stronger with my bronzer and highlight every day. I don't really tan as I'm always wearing SPF50, but that's nothing a good bronzer and highlighter can't fix.. A lot of brands are releasing their Summer collections as we speak & I've been trying a whole bunch of bronzers from the new collections - I promise to show you all of them soon. I'll be kicking off the summer collection season with Urban Decay's summer 2016 collection: there is some mad summer glow going on in there, so I couldn't wait any longer to share these with you..

Nails Of The Day: Elegant Touch Polished Jet Black Falsies

Elegant Touch Falsies
A few weeks ago one of my nails suddenly almost split in two. When one of my nails cracks or breaks I usually just go for it & file all of them short. But this time it tore a little too close to the nail bed, so I was going to have to wait a little until my nail grew long enough to be able to trim the breakage away. I'm not one of those handy DIY girls who can make nail patches with tea bags (Google it!), so I opted to wear falsies by Elegant Touch for a little while. I had press on Polished Jet Black nails laying around & I ended up LOVING it!

Hair Care: Going The Extra Mile

Natural Oils Hair Care Invisibobble
Let's talk hair care. I've been paying extra special attention to my locks lately & ever since my small research about silicones and what these sillicones do to your hair. That's why been looking into natural oils and oil blends to take care of my locks, and I must say that it has been paying off. You can apply a small amount during the day to keep that moisture in your hair and control frizz or fly-aways, but my most favourite way of using them is by applying a blend of oils liberally all over my hair & letting it rest for a full night. You'll feel and see the results!

Lancôme Juicy Shaker

Lancome Juicy Shaker Oil Gloss

Lancôme's makeup department has been going through a bit of a transformation since Lisa Eldridge took the lead, to say the least. She's been digging through Lancôme's archives for inspiration & hasn't neglected her love for Korean and Japanese beauty trends, which makes for a very interesting and exciting bunch of new launches. The new Juicy Shaker lip gloss seems to be all the hype these days with the #bantheboring campaign, so I happily added one to my handbag the past few weeks to check out all that hype.