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Mascara Rotation: L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Féline

L'Oréal Volume Million Féline Mascara Review
Slowly - but surely - I am making my way through my little box of mascaras that have been piling up since I started blogging. I used to be the kinda girl that had five or more mascaras open at the same time and couldn't remember how long I had them open for, but these days I'm a good girl and stick to just a couple. The L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Féline Mascara ended up in that little box at some point last year & recently when I needed to switch up mascaras, I couldn't resist the name's promises.

New Hair Stuff: L'Oréal Professionnel Nutrifier

L'Oréal Nutrifier Glycerol + Coco Oil Overnight Masque DD Balm
My hair & I, it's been a bit of a journey. I used to have long dyed locks and for some reason they never gave me much trouble. Three years ago I was seduced by the mid length hype, and I haven't had long locks ever since. Mid length hair means that I always have to style it, as my natural waves aren't really a pretty sight with the length I'm at. And along with styling, comes quite some heat damage.. There are only two things you can do to prevent styling damage: you either stop styling it, or you start consistently using products that'll nourish and protect your hair. I've been experimenting the past year with what my locks do and don't like, basically been alternating my extra care routine between the natural oil route & the silicone infused route. I love amping up my care routine with special night time treats, I like to soak my hair with natural oils (see article here), but recently I've also been introduced to the L'Oréal Professionnel Expert Nutrifier range and have really liked using their foamy Overnight Masque. On the very ends of my hair I've also been experimenting with the DD Balm from the range.

The Body Shop does vegan brushes

The Body Shop New Vegetarian Vegan Brushes Review
By now you all know that I have a thing for makeup brushes.. Not just a thing, but a seriously overspending kind of why-do-I-even-have-this-many-brushes thing. They're my weak spot in makeup because they don't expire, can transform a product you're using and are the perfect little luxuries to treat yourself to whenever you feel like it. There's a lot to be said about whether or not you should be using only vegan brushes, but I don't want to get into that discussion here. I do however want to talk about the new vegan brush line that The Body Shop is offering to those of you who do feel strongly about going 100% vegan in your brush collection.

Review: Budget Friendly L'Oréal Pure Clay Masks

L"Oréal Drugstore Clay Masks Review
Budget skin care is something I haven't explored often enough the past few years: I have been using budget cleansers & primers and of course a bunch of sheet masks (although most by Asian drug store brands), but I've not thoroughly ventured into other budget friendly skin care such as clay masks, night creams, scrubs, .. And I really should! Skin care can get quite expensive when shopping in the luxury isle, so a new goal of mine is to incorporate even more drugstore brands into my daily routines so I can save more money for future travels, for example. I have really been enjoying the face mask craze in 2016, so I was pretty excited to be able to try out the new L'Oréal Pure Clay masks. There are three of them and I gladly put them to the test.

Beauty Advent Calendars 2016: The Loot

Advent Calendar 2016 Loot

I told you about my beauty calendar goal for 2016 and I was lucky enough to receive two beauty calendars  - one high end and one drugstore - to try out. How fun! I had never tried beauty calendars before as I always stuck to chocolate ones, so it was quite the discovery and very fun. But are these beauty calendars worth it? I was a little worried for myself especially because being a beauty aficionado, I already own a lot of beauty stuff and I wasn't sure I'd be needing a lot of extra small beauty items. But then again, it seemed like the perfect way to discover new things & treat yo self. Let's see!