A Small (Or Big?) Change..

I’ve been blogging on nailsandcupcakes.com for about two years and a half now, but I feel like today my blog name no longer reflects what I want to do with this space. That’s why I have changed the name & address of my little online space to minnebelle.com. I’ve been tweeting, Instagramming and pinning with this name for many years now, and it truly fits in with what I want to do with this space. I want to tell you about everything that I love. Of course I’ll still mainly be talking make-up, hair craziness and skincare with some wholesome sweet recipes on the side, but I’ll also tell you all about my travels, new shoes, which chick lit I’ve been reading and how awesome life can be in general. What started out as a blog talking about cupcakes with matching nail polish (vintage evidence here), has turned into my own spot to talk about anything and everything that I love. The domain should be fully migrated now and the old blog has been transferred here, but if anything isn’t working properly please do let me know. Now let’s toast to many more blogging years to come!

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