Babor Egg Wrap Up

Babor Egg Ampoules

Last month I received an easter egg full of Babor fluids, which I have now tested completely. I even did it in the right order! So let me provide you with a wrap up about Babor fluids.

I really liked this intensive treatment. Using fluids just has this luxurious feel to it as they are in ampoules. Every fluid has its own scent & finish, so I was eager to discover all of them. The fluids do contain fragrance, so careful if you’re allergic to fragrance. The ingredients are all very concentrated, meaning that these little tubes contain doses of working ingredients eight times higher than you would find in regular creams.

These fluids were in the egg:
image Hydra Plus Active Fluid
image Algae Active Fluid
image New Skin Fluid
image Collagen Booster Fluid
image 3D Lifting Fluid
image Direct Beauty Fluid
image SeaCreation CONCENTRATE

They all have there own purpose. I found none of these fluids to be irritating to my skin. They all smelled lovely as well! The best way to use these fluids is to cleanse your skin properly, pour the fluid into your handpalm & then smoothe it over your face (avoiding eyes!). Then, pat gently so your skin absorbs the fluid quickly & effectively. Afterwards, apply your regular night cream. I especially loved the 3D Lifting Fluid, which smelled like absolute heaven! It contains gentle ingredients that lift your face & treat your wrinkles. I have really enjoyed using these fluids & I have promised my skin that I will re-do this when needed. I did some research and these fluids are also sold seperately! Sometimes you just need to pamper your skin & give it what it deserves, right?

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