Chocotoff Cupcake Recipe

cupcakechotoff I was baking regular vanilla cupcakes with fresh chocolate frosting for a BFF barbecue when I just couldn’t resist throwing in a whole Chocotoff. Just make your batter as usual & after having divided the dough between your paper liners, add one chocotoff. It’ll sink right down to the bottom & melt during the baking process. Afterwards, when your cupcakes have cooled off, you’ll find a delicious Chocotoff bottom in your cupcakes. It’ll be as chewy as the toffee and add a great touch to your cakes! I’ve got a million more Chocotoffs laying around (a while ago I received this great chocolate gift box), so stay tuned for Chocotoff frosting. In the meanwhile, go on & add toffee to your cupcakes!



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