A food trip through London part 1

Affordable Yummy food in London

So last week I went back to London for four days. One thing I love about London is the awesome places you can get quick, easy and cheap food at. In Belgium, we think of hamburgers and dry fries when we’re talking fast and easy food. Don’t get me wrong, I do love myself a Big Mac once or twice a year tops. In London though, this is a whole different thing! Fast food here means delicious food, cooked with fresh ingredients and served in amazing decors. When I’m traveling I don’t want to spend mad money on food daily, but I still want to enjoy every bite. So let me show you what I ate during my last trip. I’ll have to split this up in to separate posts because of the massive picture overload. Try not to drool, okay?

Day 1: Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian

I really like Jamie’s Italian. The atmosphere is very lively & if you don’t want to have dinner but just a snack, you can order some finger food at the bar together with a cocktail or Italian beer. I’m crazy about the selection of italian bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, it is the perfect snack to enjoy around 6 in the evening!

Day 1: Busaba Eathai

Busaba Eathai

The Thai chain 'Busaba Eathai' is lovely: I really like the furniture & the dark, cozy feeling the restaurants have. These dishes don’t cost big bucks and are just delicious! All made with fresh ingredients and everything arrives quickly at your table. I had the aromatic butternut pumpkin curry with some sticky rice & my boyfriend took the pad thai. Both dishes were absolutely delicious; but I will give you one tip: the curry IS kind of spicy! The chef told me it was not, so now I know never to trust the chef on how spicy a dish is.

Day 2: Proper porridge breakfast

Proper Porridge

I learned to eat porridge while living in London. Seriously, this is the single best healthy breakfast! To keep it exciting you can play with whatever you add to your porridge. This particular time I added red berries and honey granola, as they offer it in Starbucks. I really like Starbucks’ & Pret à Manger’s porridges when it comes to take away: they are very smooth and taste great.

Day 2: Pizza Express

Pizza Express Salad Pizza

To start off with, let me tell you that Pizza Express is not a Pizza Hut equivalent. The pizza’s are much thinner & the ingredients are more delicate. Some of the pizza’s also come in a light version, just like I had (top picture). This means that they leave out the middle part of the pizza and add a healthy salad instead. The one I enjoyed was less than 600 calories (oh em gee)! There are multiple Pizza Express branches across London and some are better than others; so do some research. I really love the one in St. John’s Wood, especially since it has a great terrace you can enjoy during summer, but also because it is not at all touristy.

Stay tuned for part two!

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