Konjac Sponge

Konjac Sponge Review
Not too long ago I read about this all natural sponge that works miracles on your face without any added product: the Konjac sponge. Naturally, I was extremely curious about this product and I tracked it down, as it’s not too easy to be found. I bought mine at a pharmacy in London’s Covent Garden, where they held four or five different types of Konjac sponges.

So this is my sponge. It’s pink (and I love pink), but the color is not the reason I got this particular one. This one is made with French pink clay (sounds extremely fancy), especially for tired or devitalized skin, and is not too harsh nor too soft. Perfect for my mixed skin! I really like the packaging, as you just see what you’re buying which I find lovely. This sponge will cleanse your face, gently exfoliate your skin and soothe it. It’s naturally pH balanced, so it’s great for dryer skin types, at 100% natural and thus free of icky ingredients! Yep, this sounds like a blessed little pink sponge.

Konjac Unpacked

This is my unwrapped gorgeous pink fluff Konjac sponge. I absolutely adore how this feels on my skin, I’m hooked. Always make sure your sponge is completely wet before using it on your skin as it turns quite hard when drying. Once I hadn’t used it for a couple of days and it felt like a stone! I use luke warm water as that seems to make the sponge the softest in the shortest time. Then, when it’s full of water, gently squeeze out the excess water and start cleansing away. This can even be used on your eye area! Enjoy the cleansing process, it feels like a DIY massage.

The texture of this sponge is just amazing, very much unlike any other facial sponge I have used before. I’m definitely buying more of these! I’ve only got one con to confess, and that is that if you don’t squeeze out the water enough (I was afraid to in the beginning), this sponge will smell like an old dish washing cloth after a while (I’m sure you all know what I mean). I washed mine and now make sure that it’s never dripping wet when hanging it, so it dries properly and won’t start smelling bad. If you look after it properly, one sponge can last you two to three months!

I found an online shop in The Netherlands selling these, or go to The Garden Pharmacy on 119 Longacre Gardens in Covent Garden, London if you’re in town.

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