Pancakes & Raspberries Breakfast Heaven

American Pancakes with fresh raspberry sauce I always make sure that I have breakfast daily. Even when I’m totally late for work and rushing through the house I’ll grab a banana on my way out. It’s super important to kickstart your day with a healthy bite! During the weekends there’s loads more time to spend in the kitchen making breakfast, so I like to pamper myself with delicious pancakes once in a while. I love making Nigella Lawson’s American Pancakes, with a recipe I found in her book ‘Nigella Express’. If you want to use some of Nigella’s wisdom as well, take a look at her website which is full of delish ideas. You can just have sugar, jam and maple syrup with this and add some fresh fruits; or you could make your own delicious hot raspberry sauce. It’s super simple!

Toss some frozen strawberries into a saucepan. Use as many as you like. For recipes like these I strongly advise to use frozen fruits as they’re much cheaper. No need to buy fresh berries when you’re going to cook them! Then, add as much maple syrup as you want. You could also just use any sugar, whichever flavor you prefer. I don’t use too much sugar as I like the natural taste of the raspberries. Let the sauce boil for a couple of minutes before taking it off the heat.

How amazingly delicious is this? So much better than store bought jam! Serve it while its hot..


..with these yum American pancakes.


I use loads of sauce for just two pancakes, I know. Just looking at it again on the pictures makes me long for the next gourmandise weekend breakfast again!

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