Smooth Locks

Redken Smooth Lock

I’ve mentioned this one before, but I like this hair mask so much that I wanted to shed another light on it. Redken’s Smooth Lock Intensive Rinse-out Treatment has been a true blessing for my hair the last few weeks. This is a mask that you should use once a week, leaving it in anywhere between 5 or 15 minutes. I do advise you to leave it in as long as possible though to benefit the most from it. So take a bath, massage it in (however, do not work this into the roots of your hair) and relax and enjoy the almond scent.

So what makes this mask so special? It contains a "Heat Infuse Complex" which contains a thermal active polymer that forms a humidity-resistant barrier on the surface of your hair strands. This will keep moisture on your locks & should diminish frizz. There’s also almond oil in the formula which will condition your hair and leave it smelling awesome. Almonds contain high amounts of vitamin E, vitamin D, magnesium and calcium which all help your hair look its best. To top it off, the formula also contains proteins which will reinforce your hair. Proteins penetrate deep into the hair-shaft and will rebuild your hair and prevent unneeded breakage of dry hair. If you’re afraid of having a protein treatment done at your hair salon, using products with added proteins at home is a great alternative for treating dry hair. My hair dresser (here I go again) told me proteins are the key to healthy hair.

Instead of leaving it in just 15 minutes, you can also wet your hair with warm water before going to bed, work this mask in generously, wrap a towel around your hair and go to sleep wearing your DIY towel turban. The next morning you just wash your hair & use a regular conditioner like you always would. You’ll be amazed at how soft your hair feels after an intensive treatment like this!

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