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Night time Skincare

Taking care of your skin at night is super important. Did you know that your skin cell renewal is higher at night? Skin cell regeneration almost doubles then! Next to that, active ingredients in the products you use are absorbed more effectively. This is because most ingredients lose their effectiveness when being exposed to sunlight. Needless to say, it’s very important to let your skin repair itself during the night. And even better: to give it a helping hand.

Before going to sleep I take good care of my skin. First of all you need to cleanse it properly: don’t just do it quickly and don’t leave any traces of make-up. Keeping on make-up at night is a huge NO-no-no! After having removed all traces of make-up, tone your skin and leave it breathe for five minutes. Then you can apply a nightly repair aid such as Kiehl’s Midnight Discovery or Sampar’s Nocturnal Rescue Mask. Leave it sink in for a few minutes (you’ll feel your skin absorb the product) and apply your nightly moisturizer.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a night serum that will help your skin repair itself at night and will hydrate and balance your skin with its ingredients consisting mostly out of natural oils (99.8% natural products). The smell of lavender is quite overpowering, which is of course because of the lavender oil in the ingredient blend. Lavender is a great anti-stress ingredient and is a great aid when it comes to repairing your skin. Squalane and Evening Primrose Oil are two other main ingredients that both hydrate your skin and will restore its moisture balance. The texture of this oil serum is quite runny and spreads well on your face, so you only need two drops of this. The drop dispenser is quite easy to use and will help you get the right dosage. Be sure not to use too much as this still is an oil and should be used in moderation to prevent break-outs. Just rub the oil between the palms of your hands and apply it evenly on your whole face, but leave out the eye area. Let it work its way into your skin and apply moisturizer after. This is not a miracle overnight worker, but it is a great serum to maintain a healthy complexion. Don’t expect any overnight decrease in redness or blemishes: this one is maintaining your skin for you in the long run. I would recommend getting a sample first if you’re uncertain on how your skin will responds to this, as I am not sure what this would do to overall oily skin types. I don’t apply it on my forehead as mine is quite oily, but apply it generously on my cheeks which are super dry. Take your time to massage it in. You can use it nightly if you want, but I like to use it especially when I’ve had a stressy day as the oils (and especially the lavender) help relax me and my skin. This product can be bought online at kiehls.be (or .com or .nl or whichever extension your country has!) or in the Kiehl’s stores in your country & is priced at €39.00. I am guessing that one bottle can last you a year as you’re only using one or two drops a time & I’m not using it every single night.

Sampar’s Nocturnal Rescue Mask is an anti-blemish nocturnal mask designed especially for combination and oily skin and it truly is right up my alley! Apply this on a freshly washed face. Don’t use too much product and work it in on the areas that can use some help (oily skins can cover the whole face, combination skins can mostly do the T-zone like I tend to do). Use circular motions until you’ve spread the product onto the desired area. Wait for five minutes until the product is fully absorbed; you’ll notice right away as your skin will feel a bit tighter. I add my regular night cream on top to ease the tight feeling. In the morning you can just wash your face as you normally would. This product does not work super quickly (it’s not a peel); you need to use it regularly for good results. Lentil extract will slow down sebum production and unclogs your pores, which is why you’ll find your complexion to be less oily. The horse chestnut extract in the formula also tightens pores and reduces redness. My face has been less oily since using this product almost nightly on my T-zone and my chin area (which is prone to break outs) has cleared up a bit. This is a great product for when you truly need to take extra care of oily skin with redness and bigger pores. Super effective peels which give result after one night are not okay for nightly use, so it’s great that this mask has been totally approved to use every night. You don’t need an awful lot with each use so you’re good to go for a while with just one bottle. Overall I’m happy about this one and would recommend it to anyone with normal, combination or oily skin. This one is priced at just €29.00 and is available online at sampar.com or in Planet Parfum in Belgium. For a funny movie with more info on how to apply the mask, click here.

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