Recipe: Easy French Toast with Strawberries

French Toast and Strawberries I love French Toast. We call it ‘lost bread’ here, since you can easily use old bread (that’s turned a bit hard) for this recipe. I’m all for classic recipes, but I like adding a little extra touch sometimes. Let me show you which kind of toast I had last Sunday morning. Have you noticed how much I love taking time to prepare a proper breakfast, by the way?

You’ll need an egg, 150ml of milk (I put water here before by accident, I’m sure you could have guessed but DON’T do this with water instead of milk!), one teaspoon of sugar (I’m using Sucralose instead of sugar, but more about this sugar alternative later on), and a good amount of grained cinnamon powder. Mix everything together and dip a slice of raisin bread in it. Leave it there for just a few seconds, otherwise it’ll get too soggy.

Then, on a low to medium heat, bake the slice until it’s golden brown on both sides. You’ll see when it’s ready! Try using a small amount of butter for this as you don’t want your breakfast to be too fatty. With the amount of mixture we’re making, you can easily bake ten slices of toast.

And then, serve the toast with some fresh strawberries. I find the combination very tasty & this just makes for a great luxury breakfast!

I promise to go back to baking more often, as I have slacked with the food posts lately. I’ve been really busy & haven’t had the time to bake a lot, but with the holidays approaching I want to test out some recipes to get ready for the family parties!

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