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Philosophy Microdelivery Peel review

So what’s your philosophy? Or more literally: what’s your favorite product by Philosophy? I’ve known about the brand for a while and have found really great presents among their range, but for some reason I’ve never really tried out any of their products. And I’m not quite sure why: the packaging is great, the reasoning behind the brand is wonderful and the brand’s background shows expertise and understanding of what exactly women want in their skin care. Cool! So I went to Antwerp about a month ago to get introduced to the brand and got the pre-saturated chemical peel pads (Microdelivery triple acid brightening peel) to try out. Here I am after the first four applications, ready to divulge!

As the box says, this product really needs at least two uses to show any difference. After the first overnight application I was a little sad: I saw no change at all. But luckily I’m quite the patient girl, so I waited 7 days for the next treatment and was very happy to notice some results the day after! What did I see exactly? Not too sure. My skin looked happier. Brighter. Some dark spots or ‘old’ acne spots were less obviously there. No huge changes, but noticeable anyhow!

The third use was great again: saw some minor reducing of some darker spots and looked very fresh in the morning. And my skin was really soft, without any redness. However the fourth time I woke up, rinsed the excess product off and noticed my skin to be redder than usual.. As I don’t want to over-expose my mixed but still sometimes sensitive skin, I’ll now (for the next couple of applications) switch to a 10 minute application in the evening and rinse off before going to bed.

One box contains 12 pads, which is good for a 3 month treatment, and retails for €70. The pads are pre-saturated with a mix of mandelic acid (exfoliates and resurfaces skin) and phytic and azelaic acids (brighten the skin). This peel is very mild and doesn’t contain high amounts of acid, which is a great alternative for more sensitive skin types. Just leave it on five minutes & rinse off. If you’ve got a regular skin type, you can leave the product on overnight. However if you would notice your skin to react different all of the sudden (like my sudden redness on the fourth application), I would switch over to the five minute application for the next couple of uses. The product is quite sticky and will be a bit itchy (so hard not to scratch!), but won’t sting at all. This is not an extreme miracle worker though, don’t expect this to miraculously get rid of all of your acne scars. Overall I am quite pleased with the product, so I’m curious about what the next 8 applications will bring and how my skin will have changed within two months. I do however feel like I would rather purchase the bi-phase microdelivery peel though, as I’m a bigger fan of manual exfoliating. I guess the preference just depends on your skin type (I strongly advise against scrubbing products for thin skin types) & your liking!

The original microdelivery peel comes in two phases, as you can see in the picture above (mobile quality, sorry!), and retails for the same price as the pre-saturated pads. I’m a big fan of products like these, as I really like scrubbing and what it does for my skin. I’m not too sure if I would feel like this weekly peel should replace my biweekly gentle ‘simple’ scrubs, as obviously there are some different price ranges in these kinds of products. I’ve heard so many great things about this one though, so I promised myself that I’ll finish all of my scrubs first (I alternate between three different ones, I’ll do a post on  all three of them soon) & then try out this more luxurious duo-peel to see how much of a difference it makes.

Another product I noticed at the introduction in Antwerp was the Turbo Booster C Powder. This is basically vitamin C in a bottle that you can add to your morning moisturizer for an extra boost of C power, which will help your skin tackle free radicals and the damaging, aging effects they have on your skin. I’m quite happy with my skin care now, but I’m still really curious about this one as I haven’t really seen anything like it before. I now learned that this supposably is the only stable product of its kind, so I might give it a go next time I go shopping at Ici Paris XL.

And of course; last but certainly not least.. When talking Philosophy we can’t forget these recognizable babies: the deluxe shower/hair/bath gels that come in a wide variety of scents. Some of the bottles contain delish recipes, like the Cinnamon Buns one for example. I think these are really great for presents, and Christmas is nearing.. :)

(I’ll be back in two months to do an “end reporting” on the chemical peel pads. At your service!)

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