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Pro Keratin L'Oréal Review
I’ve been curious about salon keratin hair treatments for a while now, but I’ve never really had the guts to do it after reading some horror stories on the internet.. From what I’ve heard, it’s important to have keratin treatments done by true professionals with a lot of experience, as it’s easy to mess it up. A little too much heat and your hair will end up fried and completely ruined. These kind of treatments are absolute heaven when done right, providing the very best results possible, but are also quite expensive.. Another huge downside, as I’m not planning on paying €250 a few times a year to relax my hair. So that’s where other solutions come in: keratin products you can use in the safety of your own home. I haven’t really ever tried any at-home keratin shampoos or conditioners yet, so I was super curious when I read about the L’Oréal Professionel Pro-Keratin Refill range.

This range promises to protect your hair against external aggressors, especially during the wintertime when your hair gets frizzy and dry really quickly. I strongly recommend conditioning your hair more often than you’re used to during winter; so this means using different masks twice as much as during summer!

I’ve tried out the shampoo, conditioner & masque in this line. There’s also a leave-in conditioner available & in the UK I’ve noticed a salon super treatment to be available (so curious!). Here are my thoughts:

  • The shampoo is very gentle and leaves your hair feeling clean, but not squeaky clean (due to the protective layer, I think). You have to use as much product as with any other regular shampoo. The downside? Your hair weighs down pretty easily & gets greasier slightly quicker, but it’s kind of to be expected with these kinds of reparative ultra-moisturizing products. 

  • The conditioner is a mild conditioner and doesn’t weigh my hair down any more than another type of conditioner would. It smells great and needs a couple of minutes to works its magic. It’s not super spectacular compared to other conditioners, so if I had to choose I’d rather buy the masque than the conditioner. 

  • The masque is very thick and  nurturing, and my personal favorite of the range! Leaving this to work for about ten minutes really gives a salon-like effect with hair that is ultra smooth. Use this once per ten days tops, as it’ll easily leave a residue on your hair that’ll build up over time and make your hair weighed down and dull. Don’t forget to use your detox shampoo of choice often enough to get rid of all that build up so you enjoy the perks rather than the downside of this awesome masque!
Prices are on the lower side of salon brands: €13.80 for the shampoo, €15.90 for the conditioner & €18.70 for the masque. If you’re ready to try this range out but you’re only buying one product, I’m recommending the masque.

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