Pumpkin Garam Masala Coconut Milk Breakfast French Bread Toast! (whew)


A lot was going on in my kitchen last weekend.. There’s nothing as fun as discovering new recipes when the snow’s keeping you inside. I’ve been smitten with this blog The Diva Dish since a month or so now, and found this great recipe for a variation on french toast. Arielle added.. pumpkin! So I made some fresh pumpkin puree, which is so easy: just cut your pumpkin in four & bake the pieces for about an hour on 180°C so you’ll be able to scoop the flesh right out. The spices were quite obviously delicious together -nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, garam masala- and gave this breakfast dish a nice edge. And this is dairy free too, as you’re going to use coconut milk. Find the recipe here. And apart from the dish.. Let’s talk about the DISH! I got some new red Le Creuset oven dishes and I’m really happy with them. So yeah, I’m hooked on both this recipe and my new flavour of dishes.

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