Rouge G De Guerlain

Rouge G Guerlain

To get 2013 started right, I got this pretty special gift last week. And these two gorgeous Guerlain Rouge G De Guerlain lipsticks blew me right away! Guerlain’s packaging is always quite luxurious (you know how I’m a total Météorites Addict), and doesn’t fail to amaze with these lipsticks either. The compact, designed by Lorenz Bäumer, clicks open when pulling out the lipstick & reveals a super handy duo mirror. It feels quite heavy, which only adds to the luxurious feel. These are perfect for on-the-go!

The formula of these lipsticks is just amazing: both of them feel very soft and glide on as easy as a lipsmacker would. They don’t dry out & don’t feel to heavy either. There are a lot of different shades with different finished available & I’ve only seen raving reviews about all of them. I’m showing you Grenade (65) & Garance (06) today.

Rouge G Guerlain

Grenade is a raspberry pink with a hint of silver shimmer. On my lips it turns quite red, while swatched on my arm it keeps its pink tone. The formula is velvety and applies super smoothly, leaving a subtle gloss on your lips because of the small shimmer. The color is super rich, so no need to apply several coats: you’ll get the desired color with the first stroke.

Garance is a coraly pink/plum lipstick which again looks quite different from person to person. It’s quite dark and not too nude on my lips. The color is beautifully warm and again the pigmentation of this lipstick is divine. Same goes for the texture: it feels super comfortable and is slightly glossy.


Garance is without doubt my favorite shade, as I always tend to wear warm lipsticks. What made me fell in love is the packaging: I really love small luxuries that make everyday life just a tad more glamorous. I won’t easily pay a number with four digits for a handbag as I know I’m just way too moody when it comes to accessories, but I will definitely pay extra for a luxurious beauty treat. These lipsticks cost around €38.00/$45.00, which indeed is a tad more than you’d pay for other high end lipsticks. The G de Guerlain mascara already has refills available, so perhaps this would be done for the lipsticks as well? I’m not sure, so don’t take my word for it. It’s of course completely up to you whether you want to pay a bit extra for the fancy packaging (and divine formula).

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