So Much To Dew

Sampar So Much To Dew Mask

I’m sure I don’t need to introduce Sampar anymore. It’s a Parisian brand with a lovely pink packaging, and it’s probably most known for the Glamour Shot line. You can read reviews on some Glamour Shot products here and here. They recently added a new product to their Essentials range: the So Much To Dew Midnight Mask. (I love the name!)

The mask promises to deeply hydrate your skin, restoring it to its ideal moisture levels. The active ingredients are:

  • Smart Hydrating Complex: mimics the skin’s hydrolipidic film, locking water with cutaneous cells & restoring skin’s moisturization.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Capsules: diffuses hydration, tonifies & replenishes skin.

  • Urban Advance Complex: blend of shea butter serum, mint endorphin & probiotic sugar. Acts as an anti-oxidant shield. 
Awesome promises, but does it really work?

The mask is applied with a brush you have to turn from OFF to ON. Gently squeeze to release some product. Don’t forget to lock the brush again before applying the mask onto your face, as I noticed some extra product to come out when brushing it on. And you don’t need a lot of this.. you should only apply a thin layer. The product has a distinct smell (can’t put my finger on it) & applies smoothly. It’s very shiny & gets a bit sticky after a few minutes, which causes some minor itching sometimes. However, that’s really it. It’s not completely comfortable, but it’s not uncomfortable either. After applying, rinse off the brush with luke warm water. You have to leave this mask on overnight to work its wonders. The first time I literally sticked to my pillow. The less product you use (see, I learned it the sticky way), the more comfortable your night’s rest will be. Rinse off whatever’s left the next morning and admire your baby soft skin. I’m amazed by the results, as again this Sampar product does what it promises to do. €39.00 is a mid-range price tag, but doesn’t seem steep for the amount of product you get & the way it actually does work. I recommend applying this one just twice a week (maximum!).

I noticed an awesome sale on the Sampar webshop! Until February 12, you get 25% off all products (expect for gift sets) with the code SALES13. And no worries if you’re sad about the gift kits, because those have amazing value as well.

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