So I’ll admit that I kind of lost my blog mojo for a couple of days. Work has been very busy and interesting, and sometimes life just takes over. I love these kinds of roller coasters you can get sucked into, with a lot of emotions and heaps of passion to keep you going. I really love my job, and even though I try to keep it out of the blog, I feel like I should tell you that sometimes I just can’t post as often as I’d like to. Apologies, apologies..

Luckily I’ve got something lined up that I’ve been wanting to tell you all about for a while now. As I told you before I’ve been testing a bunch of eye creams to see which one suits me the best, and one of them is Estée Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Eye Balm. You might be judging me for using anti-aging products at the age of 25 (and a half!) now, but I’ll tell you why you should consider switching over to this kind of eye care at a younger age than you would switch over to a complete anti-aging routine. Your eye area is the most delicate, and it’ll start showing the signs of aging the soonest.. And once a wrinkle is there.. it’s there. So be on time and get a decent eye cream! You’ll have to test some, as you’ll find out which one your skin will or won’t like. I’ll talk about two other eye creams soon to give you some other options too.

I’ve been having some issues with the skin around my eye-area lately, mostly because probably I don’t hydrate my skin enough. And I should drink more water, too. Anyway, I knew it was time to switch over to something more qualitative as an eye cream. Estée Lauder has really appealed to me lately & this product again hasn’t disappointed me! The texture of the cream is just perfect - not too greasy and thick, but still very moisturizing. It glides on like a charm and you only need a tiny bit of product for both your eyes. Sure, there’s a faint smell to it which some people seem to hate, but I don’t really notice and I don’t mind either.

So what about the results? They’re noticeable! My eye area feels a bit firmer, but mostly I love how hydrated the area is. My fine wrinkles have diminished a bit and my concealer isn’t as patchy as it used to be anymore.. Which is exactly the result I have been looking for.

So if your eyes are craving some hydration.. You know where you can find it.

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