Wholesome Raspberry Bread Pudding

Raspberry Bread Puddng

I haven’t been doing a lot of food posts lately - mainly because I just haven’t had the time to do a lot of Sunday baking. I know some of you mostly like these kinds of posts - so I hope to make you very happy with this post! This raspberry bread pudding is the result of an afternoon experiment in the kitchen & I’m happy it turned out so well! I’ve been very interested in cooking with wholesome ingredients lately - we shouldn’t be focussed on dieting I think, as long as we are eating healthily. And of course that doesn’t mean we should eat loads of these things - just try to find a balance in how much you eat & what you eat. Alright, let’s get started with this one!

What you’ll need today:
350 grams of bread (I used bread made with milk - this is almost the same as a brioche)
2 egg yokes (go organic & free-range!)
agave syrup to taste
4 heaped table spoons of brown sugar
a sachet of vanilla sugar (or use some vanilla extract)
500 ml (two cups) of almond milk
2 dl of thick cream (you can use thick coconut cream if you want to keep this dairy free)
300 grams of frozen raspberries
schuddebuikjes (these are small speculoos grains - you can just crumble a regular speculoos biscuit if this is not sold in your area)

raspberry bread pudding recipe

Tear up the bread & add the almond milk. Mix well. Then, add the brown sugar, vanilla sugar and agave syrup. Don’t add too much agave syrup, it’s extremely sweet! I added a couple of swirls to the mixture (a tablespoon & a half in total?). Agave syrup is not healthier than regular sugar - it’s just much more concentrated and permits you to use less product for the same sweet taste. I find liquid sweeteners very easy to use & this one happened to be looking at me at the supermarket. I recognized it from some other blogs I read that focus on wholesome cooking. Some people say you should replace 1 cup of white sugar for 2/3 cup of agave. I completely disagree though; I’d say that you should replace 1 cup for about 2 tablespoons of agave. Not everything needs to be sweetened up crazily; I try & learn to appreciate real & true flavors. And your liver just won’t like that much agave in your recipes, trust me.

Heat up the bread - sugar - agave mixture in a cooking pot on medium heat. Keep stirring so it doesn’t burn. In a separate small bowl, whisk together the cream and egg yokes. Add these to the hot bread mixture and stir well.

Add the frozen raspberries, but make sure you hold 7ish raspberries aside. You’ll need these for the topping.


Grease your cake tin with margarine (healthier than butter!) and fill it with the dough we just made. Sprinkle the speculoos grains or crumbs on top. Because the raspberries are frozen, these can also be crumbled and added as an extra topping. Now this baby is ready to hit the oven: it’ll need about 45 minutes of baking in 180°C.

Almost time to dig in now. Wait about 30 minutes after taking the bread pudding out of the oven to cut the first slice - or wait until it’s completely cooled if you don’t like luke warm bread puddings.

Et voila, that’s it! It’s still warm & mushy in this picture, just the way I like it. Sorry for the lighting in these last two pictures by the way: the light was already disappearing on me. It almost feels like spring is never going to come - I’m done with these dark snowy days already! Anyway.. If you don’t like your bread pudding like this, you can just leave it to cool off and it’ll turn into your regular thick bread pudding. And just because we’ve used some healthier ingredients here doesn’t mean you should eat an extra piece, okay? ;)

Hope you liked this one & let me know when you ever decide on making this one yourself!

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