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Erborian BB for Eyes

A while ago I received a BB Cream by Erborian which I absolutely LOVED; but it made me look a bit ill since it was just a tad too light for me. I gave it a couple of tries, but when a colleague asked me if I was feeling well; I decided to accept the fact that I had to let it go. I gave it to one of my best friends who swears by this BB and is a shade lighter than me. I thought that was the end to my BB experiment with Erborian, because I hate being in between two shades and having to find some sort of perfect mix formula using two products. Fortunately, I was wrong! I got to test the Erborian BB Cream for Eyes, which is exactly the shade I need. Which is a bit funny, since it only comes in one shade.  I guess you really just always have to try everything out beforehand. Not that I mind ;)

This BB is made especially for the eye contour (you can also use it on your lids!) and promises a “baby skin” effect. Now we all know baby skin isn’t going to happen anymore for us adult ladies, but whatever. The formula is very light weight and does not cake at all. In fact, I’m not sure you could ever really make this cake up, since the formula is very light and super comfortable! It’s perfect as a primer on your lids as well, it holds eye-shadows very well and does not crease on me.

Next to being a great concealer, this is (as the term BB kinda implies) a treatment and an eye cream as well. Now I wouldn’t really skip my eye cream when using this, so I wouldn’t be able to comment on how that worked. It does contain an SPF25 though, which is a great addition other concealers mostly don’t have.  I usually don’t apply regular BB creams without my oil-free lotion moisturizer either, so I guess it’s just a habit or whatever you feel most comfortable with.

The coverage with this BB for eyes is quite sheer, but still provides some coverage. I’ve seen worse BB’s, believe me. It’s just a bit buildable (I dab on a bit extra on the darkest parts), but doesn’t cake up. You only need a tiny bit as it spreads out well, so be careful not to use too much! All in all I really like this one: it’s a perfect color match and it conceals just enough for regular days. I just wouldn’t really replace my eye cream or eye serum for this. The price point is around €29.00 & in Belgium it’s sold only in Ici Paris XL. You can find the brand in Sephora in France & Space NK in the UK.

So far my two experiences with Erborian have been really good, except for the shade mismatch in their regular BB cream. I’ve been a bit curious about their BB Night Mask too. Let me know which other Erborian products you’d recommend me & what your experience was with them!

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