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I’ve been very intrigued with pharmacy products lately as you might know, and I’ve now also been looking into makeup by these great pharmacy brands. I have some areas on my skin that sometimes do need very high coverage foundation & after some browsing around I found that Vichy’s Dermablend foundation, which is basically a high coverage corrector, is an awesome product that’ll mask just about anything. Layering the product enough, this product is said to even conceal tattoos! Luckily enough Dermablend has a great availability in Belgium and is found in pharmacies with a generous skin care/make up range. I bought shade “25 nude” which was the lightest shade available at my local pharmacy and seemed to match my chin when testing it. Sadly enough, this one turned out to be one shade too dark for me afterwards.. So after some more browsing around I bought another corrective foundation  (no worries, I had a voucher!), the Toleriane Teint Correcteur by La Roche-Posay, in shade “10”, which is the lightest one available.

Both correctors have a very dense coverage and are very fluid and thus quite workable. The Dermablend one seems just a slight bit denser than Toleriane Teint, and also a bit drier. I haven’t worn Dermablend out since it’s noticeably too dark for me, so I can’t comment on the wear of this one. The Toleriane corrector I have worn on my whole complexion a couple of times and mostly on just the parts that need extra attention, and I’ve been very happy with both types of application. The corrector wears a long time & does not oxidize or get overly dry. I apply this with a regular stippling brush, but I can imagine that using a sponge or a beauty blender will ensure the same dense effect. This’ll also conceal very dark circles with ease, but be sure to apply a very good moisturizing eye cream beforehand as the eye area does tend to dry out a little faster and this could look patchy after a couple of hours. Toleriane & Dermablend an SPF25 both have an SPF20, which is a great extra in foundations as you won’t need to prep with a separate sun cream. These foundations need to be set with powder just as any other fond de teint, to ensure the coverage to last as long as possible. Be careful though: even these correctors aren’t “rub safe’, so try to touch the area as little as possible to prevent patches of red peeking through during the day.

Dermablend should also be available in one shade lighter (number 15), but I haven’t found it anywhere yet. Vichy and La Roche-Posay are available in a lot of Belgian pharmacies and are worth checking out! I own a lot of their skin care as well and have rarely been disappointed.

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