Zoeva Brush Haul & Review

Warning: this is going to be a picture heavy post! As you know I did a little Zoeva brush haul two weeks ago and I really wanted to share some good pictures and descriptions with you as I had a hard time finding close-up pictures when I was contemplating my purchase. I am quite a brush fanatic and have been looking to get a new set of eye brushes, but didn’t want to pay a huge amount of money for them as I have been hauling a bit too much lately.. I saw Wayne Goss do a video on Zoeva brushes and as he was raving about them I decided to give them a try. I ordered them on the official webshop (which now also sends outside the EU!) and they took a week to arrive.
All the brushes came separately wrapped in these black zipper pouches you can see on the first picture I showed you in my haul post here. I was quite impressed with this as this probably is not cheap for Zoeva, but they give the service anyhow. They will come in handy when traveling for sure! I have already used them in an overnight bag and they kept my brushes safe and sound.
Inside the pouches there was some extra plastic wrapping & the bigger brushes also came with an an extra plastic brush holder to maintain their shape.

Zoeva uses numbers and names to classify the brushes and also print these two on the handles, which I can imagine to be quite handy for whoever gets started with brushes and needs some help as to when to use which brush. I got the Buffer, Petit Stippling, Petit Crease, Detail Shader, Precise Shader, Concealer Buffer & Smokey Shader brushes. I really like the way they look and they do look a lot like MAC Cosmetics brushes.. The black handles are very fancy and I like the silver imprints on them. Let me go over these brushes from smallest to biggest.

The 238 Precise Shader is a natural/synthetic hair mix brush that is especially handy to apply eyeshadow very detailed. It grabs & deposits product really well. This is perfect to use for the inner corner of the eyes to add some highlighting or to get very close to the lash line with a contrasting color. Retails for €5.80.

The 237 Detail Shader is a brush made with goat hair and is again perfect for detailed work. This one is a bit wider than the precise shader brush but has the same length of bristles and is quite thin too. Can be used for precision application of eyeshadow or to draw a fine line close to the lash line. Retails for €5.80.

The 234 Smoky Shader is a brush made with goat hair and is designed to create smoky looks. I like to use this one to pack eyeshadows on the lid as it transfers the product really well and allows you to build up color. Use this brush to blend out a contrasting color applied on the outer corner of your eye to achieve the smoky look. Retails for €5.80.

The 231 Petit Crease is a tapered brush made of goat hair. The tapered end is perfect to get right into your crease and because it’s so small you can obtain a nice and sharp detail. Perfect to create some definition if used with a slightly dark shade into the crease. Retails for €5.80.

The 142 Concealer Buffer is a very soft Taklon brush which is designed to buff in concealer flawlessly. I use this one for liquid highlighting concealer under the eyes and it’s just perfect. I used to use my fingers for this because I didn’t like the way brushes made my concealer look, but now I’m hooked on this buffer brush. Retails for €6.80.

Petit Stippling
The 122 Petit Stippling is a Taklon brush with duo fibre bristles. I love these kinds of duo fibre stippling brushes as they ensure a very natural, not too thick application of fluid foundation. Can also be used for cream blusher or highlighter. I find this one too big for concealing. It’s smaller than my other stippling brushes & has the perfect size to apply foundation around the nose and eyes. Retails for €8.20.

The 104 Buffer is a Taklon fibre brush which has a flat head that is perfect to really buff in powder foundation or setting powder. I use this daily with my Estée Lauder powder on top of foundation to set and matify my look. Picks up a lot of product and buffs in seamlessly. Can be used to do touch ups during the day around oily areas. Retails for €9.50.

Petit Crease After Washing
I’ve been very, very happy with these brushes and have no complaints at all.. Except for just one little thing. I washed all of these brushes like I always wash my brushes and had no issues with any of them except for the Petit Crease one. I especially bought that one because of the tapered end.. but it lost its tapered shape when washing it (see picture above). I own a lot of brushes and have never experienced any brush to lose shape this drastically after its first wash.. So I contacted Zoeva customer service and enquired whether this could be a manufacturing fault and if I could get a replacement. Two days later I got a response implying that it was probably due to my washing method and that if I just keep on using it, it’ll get its shape back. I honestly don’t think it will though! And I can’t imagine that I’ve been super harsh with it during washing (I mean, how?). I am now using it to blend colors in the crease. However I do think that this is just a manufacturing fault, as Wayne Goss for example did not have any issues with it. A bit bummed I’m not getting a new one, but hey.. At just €5.80 I guess brushes can’t come with a guarantee.

I’m very happy with all the other brushes and am pleased that they do not shed at all when washing them. The quality is very high for the price, so I will definitely buy some other ones in the future! Hooray for brushes that won’t drain your wallet!

PS: I’ll buy that Petit Crease again next time and keep you updated on it!

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