Budget Tip: H&M wet wipes!

A quick budget tip that’ll come in handy whenever and wherever.. Go check out the small wet wipe sachets that H&M is offering at the moment! There are a bunch of different scents available & the packaging is super cute and colorful. Even though these say you can use them on your face.. DON’T! However I do use these for just about anything else. Swatching something in the store to see how it delivers? Remove it with one of these wet wipes. Got some caramel on your fingers because the barista was a little too generous with that caramel frappuccino? Wet wipes! Got some general stickiness going on? Again.. Wet wipes. They’re only €0.99 & you can find them near the tills. My favorite scent at the moment is the Spicy Ginger one.. So strong & delish!


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