Clinique's CC: "Very Light" is the shade!

I blogged about Clinique’s new CC Creams a couple of weeks ago here, and I was quite sad that the shade Light was just not light enough for me.. Luckily in other countries there’s even a lighter shade in stores: Very Light! I got to try that one out to see if that one fits my skin tone, and I’m very pleased to say that it does! It’s a tad lighter than what I’m used to, but when it sinks in a few minutes it adjusts to my skin perfectly. And I also have a picture of the actual packaging now: looks pretty & shiny, right?

It’s strange how I’m different shades with different brands.. I had a Bobbi Brown makeup artist tell me I’m Beige last week while I thought I was actually light enough to use Sand. But she insisted she was right & when we tried it out it did blend right into my cheeks. So I guess it’s all about trying shades out on your face, experimenting and keeping track of which shade you are with each brand. Don’t let shade names fool you! Anyway, back to this CC cream now. I’ve used it a few times now and I’m impressed with how well this wears during regular working days. On bad skin days I’ll add some extra corrector on my chin, but on good skin days (hear that? I’m having good skin days again!) I don’t even need any. It cancels out the red on my cheeks like a boss and it doesn’t peek through all day long. I didn’t even notice any extreme oiliness, which is always a “make it or break it” factor with me. So yeah, I’m still pretty stoked about this one! I’d definitely recommend to try this out as the price tag is not too hefty either. Suggested retail price is €30.30, but don’t forget that a lot of stores offer a nice discount (such as Inno & Ici Paris XL) when you have a member card.

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