DIY Sheet Masks

Don’t you just love a good extra treat for your skin? Some swear by creamy/pasty masks either DIY or store bought, and these are also probably the best known. The easiest to use though are the pre-soaked sheet masks, or even better DIY skin conditioning masks you can make yourself: they’re so economical! I’m not talking about mixing water and face products yourself, but about the skin conditioning lotions you can buy in Asia, or on Asian webshops (long live the interwebs, right?). I bought one by Naris Up on the Sasa webshop some time ago, and I’ve been loving how it feels on my skin. And more specifically: how EASY it is to use! 


What do you need to make this work? Pressed dry cotton sheet masks & a bottle of skin conditioner. Cute red-eared phone cover not obligatory. I bought the Naris Up Skin Conditioner SO with soy milk extracts, but there are a bunch of other types available too: with hyaluronic acid, rose water, Vitamin C, marine collagen & pomegranate. Asian skin care is mostly based on moisturizing your skin very thoroughly, and these conditioners are a very important step in between cleansing & moisturizing. Of course not only Naris Up does these conditioners, basically any Asian skin care brand has them in their range: Shiseido, Skin Food, Everybody Labo, .. even Olay has one in Asia. Very often these also have whitening properties, an effect that is less desired by me though.


There are three ways to use these:
◕ Put the lotion in a spraying bottle & spray it liberally onto your skin & let it sink in. Don’t rinse. I prefer this method the least, so skip to the next ones!
◕ Use cotton pads: tear them apart, soak them thoroughly and apply them on your face. How-to from the bottle is pictured in the small insert. Let the cotton pads rest onto your skin until they’ve turned a bit dry or until you can’t handle it anymore ;) Don’t rinse afterwards! 
◕ Use dry cotton sheets: this is my favorite way to apply them! The Belgian beauty box Deauty contained some of these compressed cotton sheets last edition.. So if you’re subscribed for that box, you now know how you can use them. Just soak the compressed cotton sheet in a lot of product and unfold the sheet & place it onto your face. Let the product soak in for 10 minutes. Don’t rinse afterwards.

The pressed dry cotton masks are easily to be found on eBay and can be bought in bulk for just a few euros, like here for example. And of course you can still use pre-soaked sheet masks if you’re traveling, or if you’re looking for a certain skin treat that you can’t find in the bottled conditioners. I just really like doing it all DIY-ish, both because it’s much cheaper per treatment and just because I get to decide exactly how much product I’m using (and I’m using loads!). And it’s also the favorite way to do it in Asia! 

I feel a new Sasa order coming up.. I can get so excited about Asian skin care and make-up! Totally different than what we’re used to.. And therefor so desirable :) What are your favorite Asian skin care or make up brands/products? Let me know so I can explore!

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