Fan Di Fendi Eau Fraiche, fresh & lemony sour.

Summer is kicking in and that means.. A bunch of new fragrances to indulge in! I’m quite the sucker for ‘eau fraiche’ versions of perfumes; such as Chanel’s Chance Eau Fraiche which I even find much lovelier than the original. A while ago I got introduced to Fendi’s Fan Di Fendi when the Extreme version of the perfume got launched, a very sensual scent that’ll make you feel super feminine on a night out. But now Fendi released a new version of their iconic Fan Di Fendi perfume: the Fan Di Fendi Eau Fraiche. My first glimpse at the playful green bottle made me very cheerful: I knew it was going to smell like summer.

The result of this interpretation of Fan di Fendi is a super fresh scent with bergamot, Calabrian lemon and cardamom from Guatemala in the top notes, a heart of white flowers and green tea leaves, and as base notes sensual woods & leather

In my own words: this is a super fresh summery scent that makes me think of cold green iced tea with loads of citrus slices - super refreshing and a welcome treat. It sounds very sweet: but it’s not. It’s the perfect mix between sweet, fresh and lemony sour. Have been wearing this on days that I’ve really been craving better weather & warm, sunny days. Only downside is that you do need to carry this one around with you as the scent does not stay on you for the whole day.. You might need to re-apply a couple of times as desired. 

Available since mid April, retailing at €65.50 for 50ml & €80.50 for 75ml. 

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