Kiehl's Correcting & Beautifying BB cream

I’m a huge Kiehl’s fan as you know and I have quite a few Kiehl’s skin care products in my routine. I squeeled a little when I received the press release of the Kiehl’s Correcting & Beautifying BB cream in my inbox a few months ago. I’m a BB lover, but have turned back to foundation (Healthy Mix) after a year of trying to find the perfect one. Sure, they’re all nice.. But there’s always something slightly wrong with every BB I try. The Erborian BB cream is the one that came close to perfection for me, but made me look like I was nearly dead since it was just a tad too pale for me. Dr. Brandt’s BB was okay, but as I got paler.. It just wasn’t right anymore. Luckily I have both girlfriends that are paler & tanner than me, so all these great-but-not-perfect products found a loving home. But I felt a little excluded from the BB party. And the Garnier one I was using was nice, but I knew that it wasn’t doing wonders for my skin. So in comes the BB cream by Kiehl’s. I was invited to an event to discover the product and to munch sushi. Perfect combo, if you ask me!


The packaging is quite sleek and very Kiehl’s-y. It’s interesting to note that this BB has been classified under the Dermatologist Solutions line - a clear statement to emphasize that this BB is not just a tinted moisturizer, but really goes back to the roots of BB creams. Nowadays every brand has a BB cream, some priced at just €3,50 with cute packaging and the promise to tackle no less than ten skin problems. While these products can be very satisfactory and can provide great medium coverage, they aren’t what BB’s were originally intended to be: they lack long term benefits. Kiehl’s did not want to belong to that category & wanted to offer a product that does not only offer decent coverage, but also corrects in the long run. They opted to use Vitamin C for the corrective properties & managed to combine it with pigments & a high SPF50. Apparently this is not all too easy since pigments and sunscreen only work well with oils, and vitamin C is a water-soluble molecule that would usually tend to separate when combined with oily substances. So it took them a while to end up with the final formula; but they made it work! The result is a kinda thick cream that takes some dedication to be worked into your skin completely. It smells very BB creamish. It’s comparable to the smell of Dr Brandt’s BB cream. It’s very persistant and the whole day through I smell it now and then.. So if you don’t like the smell, don’t buy it as it won’t fade away. 


The BB cream comes in three shades: light, fair & natural. In the swatch picture above (made with my mobile phone during the event) you can see these shades from left to right: natural, fair & light. Obviously I chose the lightest shade to take home with me as the other two are quite dark.This is the first flaw of this BB cream: I don’t think the shade range is sufficient. The second flaw is the coverage: it’s quite light, lighter than I had expected. This is alright if you have pretty skin as it is, but mine has been a disaster lately, so this BB cream alone won’t cut it for me. Kiehl’s suggests using this one as a primer if you need more coverage; so I tried that out and I was pretty impressed with the results. I can imagine this BB to be great for summer when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of coverage on your skin & want to be thoroughly protected from the sun. 

Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream is a great BB cream that really does what BB creams should do: correct on the long run and cover what we’re treating. If you’ve got bad skin, you’ll probably need some extra concealer of foundation to obtain fuller coverage. I can’t comment on the corrective properties yet: I plan on doing a trial using the product every day as a primer (or alone when I can) when my chin area has finally cleared up. I’ll document the progress & do a second round-up post then.

This BB is available now and retails for €29.00 in Belgium. 

EDIT: Forgot to mention this when I first posted this review, but for anyone finding this through search engines or anyone going back in time through my posts: be careful when you apply this around the eye area! Getting a little bit of this product remotely in your eye will result in stinging pain and tearing eyes for at least five minutes. It really hurts! If you in any case experience the same (I’ve been there twice, now I’m super cautious), please immediately rinse with loads of water!

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