M.A.C. Street Beauty with Lyne Desnoyers & Elke Willemen

I got invited to attend an extremely exciting intimate M.A.C. get-together with Lyne Desnoyers, Director of Makeup Artistry & Elke Willemen, Senior Makeup Artist. These two ladies are extremely talented, so I don’t need to tell you how impatient I was in the weeks before the event! We were in for two hours of makeup heaven: learning about the new beauty trends and how to achieve them, and we even saw (and touched!) some new products that are yet to be announced. Pinch me, indeed! I’ll show you the two looks we created: two very different ones, but both very on trend! This’ll be a text & picture heavy post; I really want to share as much as possible!

Lyne used the Prep+Prime Skin Enhancer & Select Moisturecover Concealer to achieve a skin like look, using a stippling brush. After applying and working in on the whole face, she brought back some of the redness on the cheeks by removing part of the base with some wet wipes. For the brows, Lyne used the Eye Brows Pencil in Lingering to fill in the eyebrows tone on tone & used the clear Brow Set to finish and lift the brows. Eyebrows bring strength and provide a frame for your eye makeup. When filling in your brows, you should follow the natural brow shape. Never start by building from the top: always start from the bottom and emphasize the high point. If you like using powders, Lyne suggests using Copperplate eyeshadow, sometimes mixed with Concrete or Coquette. For the blush we used Lipsticks. Lyne used a Pro palette for a light blush wash and strong Russian Red to finish off. The key is to first blend out the lipstick on your hand so it’s ultra workable. Follow your natural contour line. If you want a more orange blush, you can mix Russian Red with Lady Danger. These lipsticks will blend as a blush nicely since we didn’t use any powders in this look. For the eyelashes we’re adding some Individual Eyelashes. Alternate them: underneath - on top - underneath - on top.

On the eyelids we used Paint Pots first. Here Lyne used some new paint pots that are launching later this year: Stormy Pink & Tailor Grey. We’re emphasizing these on the inner corner (don’t do this if you have close-set eyes), not in the outer corner because this way we don’t lose the dimension. When adding to the outer corner, lift the eyebrow and apply in circular motion. This way we’re achieving a diffused definition. Now we’ll be using some Eye Shadows so the dimension we just created makes sense. We’re using cold colors as they’re very on trend this fall. Here we’re mixing Purple Haze with a violet Pigment. Let’s go back to Paint Pots now and add some shadow under the eyes with stormy pink. We’re not doing liner, we’re just adding shadow with a 217 or 224. Next up is our Mascara. We’re not using the mascara brush, but a 205 brush to paint the mascara on. To finish the whole look, use some Mineralize Powder with a powder puff. Nothing beats a good ol’ powder puff, and that’s what Lyne said!

Elke used Strobe Cream to add some all over vibrancy, Prep+Prime Vibrance Eye to highlight the eyes and Mineralize Moisture Foundation all over for a dewy look. Then she added some Prep+Prime Highlighter (not entirely sure, but I think this was it!) on the forehead & nostrils. Thin layers are key! She used Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder as highlight, but applied it very subtle with a stippling brush, using a light and soft hand. On the eyes, Elke used one of the new Paint Pots: Camel Coat. The new colors are cold, which will be such a great asset! Paint Pots are the perfect base to start off with: apply with a blending brush, almost towards the eyebrows. Next we’re adding (very precisely!) Gloss Texture mixed with Reflects on the eyes, which’ll give a very glossy texture. On the face we’re also adding some gloss: we’re creating a square of gloss around the eyes. We’re putting a fragile emotion into this look: it’s about the mood you want to put into your face.

For the eyebrows Elke used the new Brow Fluidline, which can be used very translucent or strong, applied with an angled brow brush. Don’t shape or change your eyebrow shape: your own natural brow shape is just fine! The gaps in the eyebrows were filled in with a slightly darker shade than the rest of the brows. Use Brow Set to lift. This won’t make the fluidline smudge. The lips were first filled in with the Lip Pencil in Cherry, and then we used the sold out Ririwoo Lipstick. We’re blurring out the edges of the lips to soften the look. You can also add a dark color inside the lips to make your lips look a bit smaller. Use a blending brush to soften the corners.

As you can see both looks are very different, and I love both of them. While Lyne created a matte look with healthy cheeks and gorgeous colorful eyes, Elke made a super dewy look with lots of highlights and lips that pop out. It’s all about using traditional techniques & experimenting with textures. Use your favorite red lipstick as a blush, for example. And add some gloss on your eyelids to make them catch the light. This is street beauty straight off the fashion weeks! The models toned down their catwalk looks to the likings of these, so go ahead and recreate these looks and experiment with the products you own.

I’m way too excited for those new cold colored paint pots. I might be obsessed with cream products for the eyes that dry to a powdery consistency.. I couldn’t resist buying Soft Ochre while we were at the lovely Dansaert M.A.C. store. I know it’s not an adventurous color, but I’m only now getting started with this, okay? Bye bye eye primer, hello cream shadows!

Thanks Lyne & Elke for the super interesting afternoon, and models Lien & Sien for allowing me to take a load of pictures, even when I had to use my omg-so-close-and-scary macro lense! I’m super inspired now, I can’t wait to play around with my products and push those textures to new boundaries! But first.. I have to get over this little flu I’ve been battling for a few days now. Sneeze!

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