Deborah Lippmann's Polish Remover Mitts

So we’ve established that I like all things cute; but I also like all things handy! And imagine how awesome products are that have both qualities! I visited Senteurs d’Ailleurs (posts on this venue coming very, very soon!) earlier this month (or was it late last month?) & got a precious gift bag with all sorts of samples to try out. And as is the case with all samples: some you love, some you toss away instantly, and some you just adore. I absolutely loved the idea of nail polish remover mitts. MITTS! Deborah Lippmann’s Stripper To Go does exactly what the name says: it’ll strip your fingers from any nasty looking nail polish on the go. I’m sure we’ve all come across one or two awkward moments where all of the sudden you have a meeting or you’re meeting up with someone you like and your nail polish looks like hell with chipped edges. Fear no more though, as I’ve got some mitts to show you.

Isn’t this finger mitt cute? The lacquer remove has a nice lavender scent and although formulated with acetone, it still seems to be quite gentle on me. The lavender scent is there, but not all too overpowering (hooray, not a huge lavender fan here).

Ingredients: Acetone, Aloe Vera Extract, Glycerin, Lavender Essential Oil, D&C External Violet #2.

These mitts are rather expensive and cost about €10.00 for six separately packaged pieces. Even though the price is a bit hefty, I’m still planning to buy a new full sized package because a girl can never be too prepared. Right?

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