La Roche-Posay's Serozinc: an anti-acne hydrating mist

One of the most recent additions to my skincare routine is La Roche-Posay’s Serozinc. I’ve been using it as a second toner lately (more about that habit later) & I’ve been loving it! Basically this is a hydrating mist with added Zinc that is designed to soothe minor skin irritations & imperfections. Zinc is great for treating acne as it treats the inflamed areas and prevents bad scarring, and also does a killer job at regulating sebum secretion. In short, this ‘ll treat your acne outbursts and will even prevent them from breaking through.



My dearest pharmacist told me this has become quite a popular product  and there were only two in stock anymore. It’s very easy and pleasant to use: you just spray it on after your first toner and let your skin soak it up. It dries to a bit of a sticky feeling, and this is when you apply your serum and/or regular moisturizer. The effect of this is almost instant: it calms down my active acne and shows visible results the day after. This prevents you from breaking out in the future & soothes down any irritations you’re already having. There’s not much more this thing does, except for some hydrating power before applying your serum & moisturizer.. But it’s very much so worth it for oily skin types, or anyone suffering from pimples or acne. 

In Belgium this one retails for €10.50, but in France this baby costs around €5.50. I’ve got a small holiday in France planned this Summer.. So I know for sure what I’ll be stocking up on! I’ll be hauling heaps of French skin care.. You know me ;-)

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