Chanel's new CC Cream in 32 Beige Rose: a close look

August and September are filled with new releases and Chanel’s CC Cream is one of them. Even though it’s been out for a small while already in the US & Asia (in another shade though!), beauty fanatics on the other side of the ocean have been counting down the days for this one. That does include me as well, since I’m always super eager to test new foundations/BB’s/CC’s. Maybe it’s because I don’t have perfect skin that I’m slightly obsessed with trying to fake it? And I gladly take you with me on my journey, of course.

The Chanel CC Cream only comes in one shade in the EU for now: number 32 Beige Rose. I was quite confused about this one, since in the US & Asia the only shade is 20 Beige. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one confused by this, right? The packaging is iconic with the black & white contrast and no-fuss product info, available in one size only (30 ml). This CC cream contains an SPF30 with PA+++ sun filters, blocking UVA-UVB rays to protect your pretty face from the sun. Cornflower water was added to soothe sensitive skin & hyaluronic acid to keep those hydration levels maintained throughout the day. I would suggest to still use your favorite moisturize underneath this one though, since in my opinion it’s too dry to use solo. I never use any BB or CC solo by the way, but maybe that’s just me.

Since there’s just one shade (well, two, but you know) I thought it’d be handy for me to help you in determining whether this one shade would work for you. I collected the foundations I own that came closest to the color, although I found no perfect match. I’m quite pale, wearing Clinique’s CC Cream and the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in the lightest shades possibly available, and still this Chanel CC Cream works for me. Good thing it does; because when you only release one shade.. It sure has to adapt to different skin shades. The secret is the formula: it’s a thicker & pigmented cream so you don’t need to use much. Start with a tiny bit & see how much you’ll end up needing to get the desired effect: it sheers out beautifully and is buildable as you see it fit. If you are quite tanned though, you might want to check this one out in stores first.. It might adapt to my skin, but I can’t say if it would for yours. Also worth mentioning is the scent: it’s a bit flowery & it reminds me of Guerlain’s Météorites or Bourjois’ Healthy Mix. Some might hate it, but I like it.

CC Chanel Before
CC Chanel After
My acne has been so much better lately, so I feel quite comfortable doing a clear ‘before & after’ to demonstrate the coverage & finish of this one. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how buildable Chanel’s CC Cream really is. One thin layer was enough for the cheeks & forehead, and I added a second layer to my chin area where I have more acne scars to fix. The result is beautiful: it blurs larger pores, cancels redness & conceals where you apply several layers. The finish is dewy, but not shiny. This one lasts almost all day for me, with just needing some touch ups around the acne area in the evening. I like powdering this one off with my favorite powder Estée Lauder Double Wear, but if you want to stick to Chanel you could also use Chanel’s Les Beiges.

To sum it all up: there’s just one shade, it’s suitable for oily skin types, it’s pigmented & buildable, finishes dewy but not shiny and holds an SPF30 that’ll protect you against the daily sun. Chanel CC Cream in 32 Beige Rose is available in Belgium from August 15th on (16th in the UK) & will retail for €60 or £41. Already available throughout the US for $55.

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