DIY: Fixing broken powder products in under a minute

I’m a bit clumsy & I try to put way too many things in my bathroom cabinet since I don’t have a vanity. Add those two traits up & you end up with a broken compact powder, a broken bronzer, broken eyeshadows.. Yeah. I used to cry a little on the inside when I’d throw them away, but these days I refuse to throw anything anyway that I unwillingly broke. I just fix it. Because who knew it could be that easy? 


Exhibit A.. My broken Physicians Formula bronzer. I really loved this product & it had cute hearts all over.. Which are now gone obviously. Check the bronzer out here if you’re wondering about how pretty it was. Now fixing these products is quite easy.. You’ll only need denatured alcohol, the highest percent you can find. In the US you can freely buy rubbing alcohol in high percentages, but I think this isn’t freely sold in Belgium. Denatured alcohol is a worthy replacement and you’ll be able to use it as a spray to disinfect make-up products as well. I disinfect products every 6 months or whenever someone else used it. Do this on blog sale purchases too!


The steps are quite easy as you can see. This literally takes less than a minute to do! I just kind of flattened the top of the bronzer with a spoon, but my friend Lisha told me you can also make pretty patterns in it by pressing tissue paper on it, or any kind of patterned paper. Should’ve thought of that sooner.. I could’ve replicated the hearts pattern.


Leave it out to dry for a day or two.. And you’ll end up with a fixed powder! It’ll be a bit powdery on top, but once you get past that you’re good to go. And I’m using my favorite bronzer again. Hooray!

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