Fall on your nails like a pro: Chanel's Alchimie & Mysterious

The sun has left the city today & it’s raining as I’m writing this up, so I guess I picked the perfect morning to tell you about two of Chanel's gorgeous Superstition collection nail polish shades. Chanel jumps on board of the metallics vibe with Alchimie, a khaki gold combination, and goes glossy and classy with Mysterious, a very deep almost black khaki with hints of grey. 

As always you an expect the Chanel packaging: there’s the removable top cap that reveals a much smaller and handier handle to work with. These are the kinds of bottles you put on display on your vanity; it’s a little bit brand-aware but there’s no denying. Out of all the luxury designer brand nail polishes, this is probably the most signature one. With Dior taking second place. 

There’s nothing majorly wrong with the brush, but it’s quite thin compared to some other brands that have made the switch to thicker or flatter brushes a while ago already. That being said though, I had no issues painting my nails with these and the brush allowed some precision work. 

Alchimie is a gorgeous khaki gold metallic color that on first sight might look a bit like Peridot, but it’s much less gold and less shimmery. The consistency of the polish is not the easiest to work with: you’ll need to do a very thin first coat, and then add a somewhat thicker second coat. It can get a little stroke-y, so be sure to make similar brush strokes right next to each other so the strokes aren’t too obvious. The shade will then dry to a pretty metallic khaki gold with just a tiny bit of stroking

Mysterious lives up to its name and leaves me wondering which color this exactly is: it’s almost black for sure, and then there’s hints of very darkened khaki, but also some grey.. And it takes up different identities in different lighting. Whatever it is, this is mighty gorgeous. It’s one of those chic glossy shades you’ll wear all winter through and it’s an excellent switch from Black Satin when you’re up for something dark, but still soft. 

I don’t usually comment on how long nail polish lasts on me since my finger nails only hold varnish well for a day or two. That goes for each brand. I’ve been wearing Mysterious on my toe nails for about 10 days now and it’s still going strong, but then again my toe nails pull that off with any nail polish I put on them.. I guess the wear will be quite similar to other Chanel polishes, so if you own some already you know what you’re up to. 

Chanel’s Superstition collection is available everywhere now at Chanel counters across the world. Alchimie is a limited edition, while Mysterious will stay in the base collection. Chanel nail varnishes retail for €23.00 suggested retail price

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