Guerlain's being Two Spicy this Fall!

Guerlain's been playing around with fun names again and they did it again for their Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow Duo's. There's a Two of everything, including a heartwarming duo called Two Spicy. Two Spicy looks really pretty and I went a little ‘ahhhh’ and ‘ohhhh’ when I opened the compact. I’m a Guerlain fangirl as it is, and when they woo me with sparkles.. I’m ready to propose. 

Guerlain Two Spicy

Guerlain Two Spicy

Guerlain Two Spicy Close Up

There are two colours (yes I still felt like I needed to point that out) in each compact, with one color serving as a matte and intense color that glides on smoothly and the other serving as a sparkly veil to make your eyes dazzle. This Two Spicy pair is beautifully matched, while some are much more daring and out there (like Two Gossip for example: a plum & gold that well deserve their name). Here with Two Spicy we have an ebony brown & spicy coral, with the coral carrying gold sparkle. The coral colour should be worn as the veil, which I thought was such a pity since it’s a gorgeous colour and definitely the more interesting one out of the two. 

Guerlain Two Spicy Swatches

The ebony brown is intensely pigmented and almost but not completely matte. It’s easily blendable and has no fall out - a true joy to work with. The coral is a different story. The texture is alright (it feels kind of squishy, as if you could make small dents into the texture with your fingers), although there’s quite some fall out when packing on the color with a brush. Just use your fingers to prevent this & keep building up color. You’ll get minimal fall out this way. When not using your fingers, the key is to do your eyes first when using this duo, so you can clean up under the eyes before getting started on the rest. 

Guerlain Two Spicy Strong Look

Told you that my stubbornness would work here! Packing it on will bring out more of that gorgeous coral color. Beware of the glitter chunks, although blending out the shadow should get rid of most of those. Most, but not all.. Still I really love this look: it’s perfect for Fall and brings out a warm and soft emotion, while still being daring and spicy with a huge dose of sparkle. 

Guerlain Two Spicy Soft Look

And this is another, softer look, using the brown shade all over and adding a veil of sparkle on top. This is one of the suggested application ways & looks very romantic. You can darken the brown color as much as you like, and then you just need to sweep some glitter on top. This will be mostly glitter though.. Don’t expect the coral color to pop up like this, it’ll be less noticeable. With this duo & with the different ways to wear this one, it’s up to you to decide whether the coral can take the leading role or not! 

The new Ecrin 2 Couleurs come in eight duo’s & are available already in the US. In Belgium, these will be sold at Guerlain counters from September 1st on. These duo’s will retail for €42.50 each & will be added to the permanent collection. 

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