Over the moon with Dior's Lune

Dior Mystic Metallics has been stealing hearts like crazy in the US with an extensive collection and something pretty for anyone’s liking. Surely the collection will conquer our European hearts as well now that various countries are rolling out the pieces at the Dior counters. The quints are absolutely gorgeous and so are the trio’s, but don’t forget the Diorshow Fusion Mono's. There are eight of them and they're very pigmented & intense. I got Lune to try out, which is as the name suggested based on the gorgeous light reflecting moon.
The texture of these is quite intriguing: it’s squishy and bouncy and feels a bit like the Diorblush Cheek Cremes we saw in the Summer Mix collection. It feels like a bouncy mousse. The eyeshadows come in pretty glass jars and contain a massive 6.5 grams of product. That is more than you’ll probably ever be able to finish. There’s a sponge applicator that comes with it (forgot to photograph it, sorry!), which is very generous, but I don’t find you need it at all. This can be used with your fingers if you like, but I liked using it with a stiff eyeshadow brush the most, like for example Urban Decay’s flat eyeshadow brush that comes with the Naked palette. The pigmentation of Lune is marvelous: it is remarkably opaque with one swipe & is stunning when built up. It’s not glittery, but just very shiny metallic. It’s radiant when you build it up and it catches the light beautifully.

In this look I paired Lune with an intensely dark eyeshadow (Urban Decay’s Creep, which is an intense blueish back) because the contrast brings out the light reflecting properties of Lune beautifully. I built Lune up to full opacity using Urban Decay’s flat eyeshadow brush & it went on very smoothly. I didn’t really experience any fall out, except for the occasional stray glitter. It blends beautifully too. Using it well will bring out the vibrance even more - so I would suggest that you accentuate the lightest corner with a wet brush. Seeing how this one works beautifully and has practically no flaws, I’m very curious about the other seven shades and especially the warmer & more wearable daytime ones. I think I’ll be using Lune as strongly as I did in this look for nights out on the town, or with other looks for highlighting the inner corner of my eye. If you’re looking for a warmer color in this range, I’d suggest the gorgeous amber color Météore since I think it’s the most beautiful one of them all!

The Diorshow Fusion Mono's will retail for €33.50 and will be available at all Dior counters in Belgium from September 4th on. These are already available on counter and through the Nordstrom website in the US & on counter in the UK.

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