Shu Uemura believes in Yuzu Citrus to tacke oily hair

Shu Uemura is probably best known for their amazing oil cleansers, targeted for different skin types & notorious for their effectiveness. Because of this huge success, Shu Uemura decided to pursue the same in hair care. Inspired by the same idea that oil removes oil & package in the same iconic transparant bottle with a pump system, Shu Uemura created cleansing oil shampoos for different hair types. At the moment there are two special varieties, apart from the regular beige one: a green one with Shiso extract, especially made to target dandruff & a blue one with Yuzu Citrus to target oily hair. I think it’s absolutely brilliant for Shu Uemura to replicate the oil principle in hair care - I sure was excited when I saw the press release. 



I received the blue version with Yuzu Citrus, called Cleansing Oil Shampoo Anti-Oil Astringent Cleanser For Oily Hair (what a mouth full!)  to try out - I wanted to try that one out especially since I have quite oily hair & need to wash it every two days. So what exactly is in there? A Yuzu Citrus Extract - Yuzu Citrus is cultivated in Japan at the base of Mount Fuji and is usually used in baths because it’s calming & has astringent properties. It battles oil like a charm & draws out impurities from the scalp. And Onsen Inspired Ferment. Onsen what? Exactly. For Shu, this is a mineral complex derived from volcanic sources 2000m deep - these minerals are rich & concentrated. The oil-to-foam formula will bind to all impurities & will remove oil and product buildup from your scalp and hair, while also slowing down future oil production. And to top it all off, there are no parabens or silicones to be found in this one. 

And how does it feel? Does it live up to its promises? First of all, I do need two to three pumps for my longer hair. It doesn’t foam as much as a regular shampoo, so be sure to divide the product between all of your hair from the very start of your cleanse. The yuzu citrus scent is truly calming - a true treat to start the day with in the shower or to relax with during a bath. While some shampoos for oily hair can be quite drying & will strip your hair from its natural oils, I don’t seem to get that sensation with the Shu Uemura shampoo. My hair feels squeaky clean, but still nourished. And the best of all: it allows me to wash my hair every three days, which is a full day longer than usual. Mission accomplished!

I’m impressed, but of course you wouldn’t want anything less for €42 for 400ml. It’s a huge bottle & you will be able to reduce the amount of washes you need per week, but it’s still (very) high end and a purchase you’ll have to contemplate well. I would suggest this one for when you have fragile hair (colored, heat treated, thin, ..) which also gets quite oily and are willing to invest to keep it as healthy as possible. You’ll find these in the Shu Uemura stores & with Shu Uemura hair dressers. 

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