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We all know about my love/hate relationship with nail polishes (hence the blog’s name), but recently I’ve been all smitten with them again. My nails aren’t always the friendliest & they don’t tend to allow any varnish to stay on them for more than two days tops.. So it gets annoying after a while, especially when they also tear like crazy. I’ve been trying out Sally Hansen’s Nailgrowth Miracle to see whether it fortifies my nails enough to make them more polish friendly, but I’m still debating whether it actually does or just helps them grow. In the meanwhile though, I want to show you the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail varnishes. These have been designed to contain the whole manicure process in one varnish, so you wouldn’t need a base or top coat. 

sally hansen complete manicure

sally hansen complete manicure

Sally herself says her polishes are a 7-in-1 product, combining these features: base coat, growth stimulating, fortifying, salon inspired colors, gel shine, top coat & anti-chip. It’s absolutely true that these shine like diamonds, and even without a base coat I didn’t experience too much staining on my nails. Fortifying or anti-chip, I’m not sure. I have bad nails, no single formula lasts on me. It’s a curse! What I do know is that people go crazy about this Complete Salon Manicure formula: it lasts on them. For a good while (four days, five days and even a week I’ve heard!) I’m growing my nails into a better condition and I’m hoping to be able to enjoy this formula as much as them soon.

sally hansen nail polish

sally hansen brush size

The brush was designed especially for Sally Hansen: it’s flat & thick and holds 800 hairs. I absolutely love working with these kinds of brushes, you don’t need too many strokes and the whole nail bed is covered quite quickly. Do watch out as you’ll quickly be painting the rest of your finger too, especially if you’re used to thinner brushes. Practice makes perfect!

sally hansen nail art leopard pink

sally hansen nail art grey blue dots

Sally Hansen is super well established abroad, but still needs some discovering in Belgium. We haven’t had this brand available here just up until April this year.. so a lot of people still have to find out about the brand, pricing & formula. That’s why Sally Hansen asked me to do some spiffy nail art with some of the shades! They work together with Tracylee, Sally’s makeup artist who’s also pretty good at doing nail art. She’s now their Nail Ambassador. You can find more info about Tracylee and some nail art inspiration on her Tumblr. I’m not too good with striping tape or gradients or any other spiffy things she does, so I thought it’d be nice to show you some easy going nail art I did with the polishes. Leopard nails are probably the easiest manicure that still look hella nice, especially done with unexpected colors. I used the shades Pink At Him, Jungle Gem and Jaded here. The dots are super simple and extremely elegant. The gray color Greige is absolutely gorgeous (I’m wearing it plain as I’m typing this!) and pairs nicely with the blue color Jungle Gem

sally hansen nail art feathers

sally hansen nail art blue with gems

Feather shaped fantasies on your nails are done super quickly & don’t really require any nail art talent; and the same goes for sticking plastic gems on. Both however are very classy & festive, and will make anyone jealous! The bronzey base color for the feather nails was done with Pennies For Heaven, and I made some feathery efforts with Firey Island & Berry Important. The gems you can find on eBay, and I put them on top of Jungle Gem layered with the pretty Mermaid’s Tale. This one won’t last you long though, unless you use two layers of clear top coat to seal those gems in like crazy. 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail varnishes retail for €11.99 and are sold exclusively in Planet Parfum in Belgium, along with a range of nail care products.

(I used HEMA’s new dotting tool here, which is super easy to work with. Now you know you can find a dotting tool in an actual store in Belgium (HEMA is spread all over the country), instead of just on eBay. No excuses anymore!)

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