An easy going SPF to wear daily: Becca Mineral Tint SPF 30

It’s super important to wear SPF on a daily basis, and that doesn’t only count for the Summer time. It’s equally important to wear sunscreen on cloudy days in the other seasons as well, as UV rays are always present. Even if you’re spending your days indoors, you’ll want to be careful as UVA rays can penetrate glass and will affect your skin when you’re driving in your car, sitting next to a window, and so on. The good news is that there are loads of sunscreens available, although you will want to carefully select which one you’ll be wearing on your hands and face each day. But no worries, I found a really good one already!

becca mineral tint spf30+ in Light

Becca’s Mineral Tint with SPF 30 is a very light weight sunscreen for the face with a tiny bit of color that has broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB rays. There are three tints available, of which of course I chose the lightest one. If you’re looking for a lot of coverage, or even just a sheer bit of coverage, you’re at the wrong address here. Even though there’s “tint” in the name, it’ll hardly do anything but give a very light glow to your skin. What’s more important with this one is that it doesn’t leave a white wash as so many other sun screens do, even though it’s formulated with zinc-oxide. 

Becca mineral tint SPF30 in Light Swatches

It is a bit shiny when just applied, but it sinks in pretty fast and acts as a nice base for foundation. Doesn’t break me out either, which is another thing some sunscreens just kinda do. You could wear this alone if you’re not after any coverage & it’ll feel just like your own skin. Of course you need to still wear your daily serum & moisturizer underneath.

Becca is a bit harder to find in Europe, but is available online with Space N.K. The Mineral Tint SPF30 retails for $35.

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