It's finally here: my vanity!

Vanity Table
After years of doing my make-up in the bathroom & storing everything there too (yes, I kept a tight regimen), I finally succumbed and bought a vanity. Pretty dressing tables aren’t that easy to find, and I ended up getting IKEA’s Hemnes because it’s just the prettiest and most decent one I could find. I’m very proud that all of my make-up still fits inside this vanity, I don’t have a crazy amount of products or a huge ‘stash’ (I don’t really like that word anyway) since I give away all the things I don’t use. Of course we’ll just have to wait and see how long the storage space in this vanity will keep me going.. Hopefully a very, very long time!

On top of the vanity I installed my wide Muji drawer, which contains all of my mono eye products, Urban Decay’s NAKED palette, pigments & liners. There’s even some space left in the bottom drawer, how about that? On top of Muji drawers I carefully placed my two Guerlain Météorites pearls since I use those every single day. One of those jars will seriously keep you going for more than a year.. Such a good investment! Underneath I keep my custom MAC palette, which is about half full. I store most of my brushes behind the Muji drawers in three Muji pencil containers. On top of the small drawer on the left hand side I have another small Muji container holding my eye pencils, mascara’s, eye primers & concealers. I don’t keep a lot of those since these products aren’t meant to be kept for a very long time.. I keep mascaras for about 3 months tops!

Vanity Table
Vanity Table
What I also love about vanities is that you get to display your favorite things so you don’t forget about them. The Tokido brushes for example are very cute & I couldn’t actually display them before I had a vanity, since I had little space. The pink Victoria’s Secret dog now also has a fixed spot, I hope I’ll be able to add a Christmas version this Fall when I go back to London for some shopping!
Vanity Table
Apart from the displaying space, there are two little drawers and one big drawer to store your products in. I keep all of my eye palettes, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, powders & foundations/BB’s/CC’s in the biggest drawer. It seems full in the picture, but there is some more space left behind the products. The biggest drawer is quite deep, which doesn’t show on the first sight. In the two little drawers, I keep primers & SPF’s on the right hand side, and lip products on the left hand side. The SMILE bracelet was a gift of my two best friends.. It reminds me to smile every single day & and also that I have pretty amazing friends :)

I’m very fond of my little make-up area, I truly enjoy getting ready there in the morning! It makes starting the day a lot more relaxing. Instead of rushing in bathroom light, I get to sit down & enjoy a coffee in natural light.

Do you also have a little corner for yourself in the house? Do share your organizing tips with me! I’m a vanity rookie.

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