My favorite blush: NARS Douceur

NarsDouceur1 NARS Douceur is my latest blush love interest and if I didn’t force myself to switch shades often, I’d reach for this one over and over again. NARS is a delicious brand with an amazing quality; it’s so sad that it’s not even sold over the counter in Belgium. I’ve been waiting for high profile beauty stores such as Parfuma, Senteurs d’Ailleurs or Cosmeticary to stock this brand, but no news of that sorts yet.. I hate buying foundations, blushes or concealers online, so I always have a little wishlist ready when I’m anywhere near a NARS counter. And that’s how Douceur ended up on my cheeks thanks to the friendly NARS lady at Liberty’s, and ended up in my shopping basket just a minute or two later. Love at first sight? Yes, definitely.

NARS Douceur is a soft pink brown that turns a gorgeous natural brown/pink shade on my skin. This is one of those perfect blushes for fair skin tones - it’ll add a pretty color to your cheeks and give you a natural flush. This might not work for darker skin tones as it’s so subtle - if you’re a bit tanner, I’d suggest to swatch this before buying.
The lasting power of this one is just impeccable - I apply it at half past seven in the morning and still have it on me when I get home around seven at night. One cheek is sometimes a bit smudged, but I think we have my little “sleeping on the train home from work” habit to blame for that. There’s no going wrong with this one - it’s nearly impossible to overdo it, and if you accidentally do the excess is easily brushed away with an extra layer of finishing powder.
NARS is one of my favorite brands & they’re yet to disappoint me. Come to Belgium, pretty please? The blushes by NARS retail for £21.50 & this definitely won’t be my last one. If you have any shade suggestions that would suit me..

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