Philosophy's Total Matteness Pore Refiner.. What does it do exactly?

Oily skin can be quite a hassle during Summer for a lot of people, but some just suffer from it all year through.. For both of you there are of course some solutions: adapt your skin care to include oil-free products (I use the oil-free lotion by Kiehl’s as a moisturizer, works like a charm), but you can also use mattifying primers before applying make-up. That step really does make a huge difference to your skin, trying to keep trouble areas oil-free for as long as possible. This is where Philosophy’s Total Matteness Pore Eraser comes in. It’s regarded as a skin care product for oily skin (like a serum, only applied after your moisturizer), but I think it’s more of a mattifying oil-free primer for anyone who battles excessive shine on their T-zone. 

philosophy total matteness pore refiner

Philosophy is known for their great packaging and this time that’s not any different: I really love this sleek bottle with the pink lettering, it’s totally Philosophy and girly/pink enough to display on your vanity. Because yes, I’m a sucker for packaging.. remember? The product itself has a lovely texture: it’s a very light-weight liquid that spreads out super easily and is absorbed instantly. It feels quite silky and smooth, and dries to a matte finish in under a minute. I use this on my troubled T-zone, being my forehead, nose & chin. I’ve tried it with several different foundations and they all get along well: this one seems to have no issues with certain formulas. It keeps my oily zones oil-free for quite a bit longer, some days even until the evening. We have an oil battling winner! The salicylic acid in the formula is supposed to also reduce the appearance of big pores, but I haven’t especially noticed this product to work wonders on that area. They do seem a little blurred when using the product because of the finish, but for me the main property here is the mattifying part.. Which is in my case also most important. I can conceal pores, but can’t conceal oiliness! 

Philosophy’s Total Matteness Pore Refiner retails for $40 or €40.50. That is indeed quite steep, although the formula is quite economical & you don’t need to use it on your whole face. I’m not sure whether this has already launched in the UK: I couldn’t find any details or prices on the launch. 

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