Quick declaration of Apivita face mask love!

apivita face masks sachet masks

This morning I want to give you a quick declaration of my unending love for the Apivita face masks. Their Express Beauty & Express Gold range are absolutely marvelous with a huge selection of different facial masks for different targeted problems. I’m so lucky to have my local pharmacy carry almost the whole Apivita line now, so I’ve been taking a sachet mask or two home with me with each visit. Favorite so far? The one with propolis. At just €3.50 for two doses, you can’t really go wrong. And more importantly: these are of great quality. I wouldn’t doubt any longer! I’ve also just repurchased my Apivita cleanser with Propolis & Citrus, which you can read about here. Seriously, this brand is in my beauty cabinet to stay! 

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