Tested & Documented: the new Lancôme brush range!

I had never owned a Lancôme brush until my dear blogger colleague & friend Lisha gave me a huge angled powder brush (it looks similar to the Tom Ford one!) for my birthday. I was so pleasantly surprised by the joy and ease of using it, as well as the quality. The shape is still the same as before the very first wash, and the softness returns each time, sometimes with a little help of an olive oil bath. But that angled big powder brush is now sadly out of stock (I’ll still do a post on it soon.. Just because I love it that much), since a new range of brushes came out just before Summer. Lancôme redesigned all of their brushes, gave them a new and sleeker look and created a whole new range to make sure Lancôme carries every brush you could possibly need. 

lancome new makeup brushes

There are 17 new brushes: 7 face brushes, 9 eye brushes & 1 lip brush. The main design difference is the sleekness of the brushes: the handle is much thinner and doesn’t look as bulky as before. I’ve tried out one face brush and three eye brushes: numbers 2, 17, 18 and 22. Let me take you through them one by one. I added measurements again like I did with my Zoeva brush haul as I got a lot of feedback on how handy that was.. So I hope this is extensive enough again!

lancome foundation brush

The #2 Foundation Brush is a brush with synthetic bristles that is designed especially for applying liquid foundation. You can achieve a high level of coverage with this one, ‘painting’ the foundation on your complexion. The brush is very thin & soft and allows to get into the areas that are hard to reach, such as the area around your nostrils or your chin. After application with one side of the brush, you can turn the brush over and blend out anything that needs it. Soaks up a tiny bit of product when using after a thorough wash, so I recommend applying your primer or SPF with the brush first. Applying foundation with a flat brush like this really ensures an optimal coverage.. It works differently than for example a stipple brush (which I usually use for foundations), that’ll give you a sheerer look. Retails for €35. 

lancome blending shadow brush

The #17 Blending Shadow Brush is a long natural bristles brush that is gently tapered, and is designed to blend your eyeshadows. I can’t tell you how soft this one is: you just have to feel it. I was afraid that because of this extreme softness, it’d to a inferior job at blending, but luckily I was wrong. This one blends out any look perfectly to the level you want. You could also use this to softly add a wash of eyeshadow or some glitter on top of a look you already did. Retails for €27. 

lancome liner and shadow brush

lancome liner and shadow brush

The #18 Liner and Shadow Brush is a dual-end brush that has both natural & synthetic bristles. One side is designed for easy lining of your eyes or even for filling in your eyebrows with a lot of precision; the other side is a shadow brush that is perfect for applying cream products or for packing on glitter or other textured materials. The liner side is a bit hard to work with on the eyes since it’s so big: it’s great to place a cat-eye shape in just one second, but the actual lining is quite a task with a big surface like this. This side is awesome to use in your brows though, I’ve been using an angled brush for my eyebrows ever since I started styling them & it allows for the desired precision. I love using the eyeshadow side with my Estée Lauder shadow paints or MAC Cosmetics paint pots. Retails for €32. 

lancome all over shadow brush

The #22 All Over Shadow Brush is my favorite favorite of the four I tried: I love working with big eyeshadow brushes like this for applying color all over the lid. It’s fast, it’s efficient and it gets the job done perfectly. This is a very full brush with natural bristles that is just perfectly crafted. A must have to apply your base eyeshadow color daily. Really love this one! Retails for €32. 

These brushes are a great option for anyone with a love of high end makeup brushes. The eye brushes are slightly more expensive than MAC Cosmetics, but are definitely of a similar quality or even better. The All Over Shadow Brush is truly unique in its shape and it’s been in my most favorite bunch ever since I got it. The face brushes are similar in price or a tad cheaper, but I think I like the density of other flat foundation brushes more than how flat this one is, even though it does a good job. The 17 new brushes are sold at Galeria INNO in Belgium. Have a feel before you decide to purchase, or perhaps you can even get an application to see how they perform in person! I’m sure you’ll fall head over heels for that number 22.  

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