The New Black nail polish sets: now also with free shipping!

The New Black is finally more readily available in Belgium - not really in stores, but online on They offer free shopping with orders above €20.00. Knowing that The New Black sets are mostly priced at €29.95, we’re talking standard free shipping here! TNB is an American brand that likes to change the way we look at nail polish - why think of varnish as singles, if we can create fun sets with colors & textures that coordinate and ready made nail art? 

the new black original ombre

the new black original ombre waves

I checked out the Original Ombre sets in Waves & Rover. Waves is green-ish/blue tinted, while Rover goes from orange red to deep burgundy. The idea of an ombre is quite simple & has been on trend for quite some time now: basically it’s a gradual color transition from dark to light, like a dip dye but with loads of tints in between. I think the ombre effect on nails is done best with the darkest color on your thumb, but you could also use the coordinating colors for other types of nail art or stamping.

the new black original ombre waves swatches on hand

the new black original ombre rover swatches on hand

All of the polishes are free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde & DBP and are also completely vegan. The brush is quite thin, but is easy enough to work with & allows precision. Most of the shades are good to go with two layers & dry amazingly fast. There’s 4ml in every bottle and I find that perfectly fine - I’m an advocate for smaller nail varnish bottles because the bigger ones just never finish. Honestly, I’ve never ever finished a bottle of nail polish. It’s nearly impossible! Waves is my favorite set, I love the color transitioning which is subtle but still noticeable, and has a nice little extra with the liquid sand texture in 4th darkest color. The shades are all shades I’d wear on their own as well - so you’re basically adding a wide range of nail options to your collection with this set. I’m a bit less excited about the Rover set, since I find the color difference too small to notice with the first three shades. I love red on nails, but just not on mine. Maybe it’s because I don’t find myself sophisticated enough on a daily basis, but I’ll only wear reds on my nails with fancy occasions when I’m all dressed up. 

Right now there’s a promotion going on on the bol webshop with these sets going for €19.99 instead of €36.99. On TNB’s own webshop the varnishes retail for €29.99, but there’s a shipping fee to pay. 

PS: I saw a sneak peek of the fall collection on Twitter & it’ll be super cute! Keep an eye on those webshops.

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