Workshopping at Make-up Designory Gent

Make-up Designory landed in Belgium in October 2012, opening a studio in Kortrijk. As Kortrijk is a bit too far away from me, I waited until the opening of the second studio in Gent to explore the concept and try out the products. Since the studio in Gent offers workshops and courses only on appointment, I booked a separate appointment for Lisha and I to get acquainted with the brand. We didn’t really know what MUD had in store for us,  so we decided on doing a regular workshop for an evening look. 

A lot of the Make-up Designory products are a bit different from your usual makeup product. The foundations for example are all cream products with a lot of pigment. When we looked for my foundation shade, we ended up getting WB4 for me since I was a little bit tanned back in July. I would normally need WB3 all year through, which still looks way too dark for me in the pan. The trick is to use very little & spread it out evenly and very thin. The same goes for the concealers, in which I had BC3 & RC3 (or BC2 and RC2 when I’m not tanned). It felt very weird for me using this kind of product since it’s completely different from the products I am used to. I couldn’t help but feel a bit annoyed with myself for not being able to work with these pigmented cream products, I’m just very used to buttery creamy products that you pat on, or liquid products that are buildable. Although I didn’t like the coverage or finish I achieved with the foundation, I did like the strength of the corrector I used under my eyes (BC3). It tackled my dark circles easily and because of the small amount of product needed, it didn’t end up in any fine lines. 

The powder products were a completely different story. I absolutely loved the loose finishing powder in Butter Cream, which gave a very soft matte finishing effect. The eyeshadows are all amazingly pigmented &blend like a charm. We used Wheat, Sienna, Cashmere, Graphite & Berrywood on my eyes. I learned a little trick during this workshop to bring out berry colors (such as the absolutely GORGEOUS shade Berrywood) even more on your eyes: just put a graphite colored base first and then pack on the berry color. I was a bit hesitant at first, but it worked like a charm. It’s great to learn about color tricks like this from professionals: I’d have never tried this on my own. We also used a small fan brush to apply our mascara and I immediately thought of Lyne Desnoyers who did the exact same thing at the Fall presentation MAC Cosmetics invited me to earlier this Summer. The results of this fan brush are very natural, and it’s very hygienic since you can just wash the brush out after every use. 

Deep burgundy colors like Berrywood make my green eyes stand out a lot more.. I definitely need to start purchasing these kinds of shades since I don’t even own any berry colors. That’s why my heart went a little crazy when I saw the gorgeous wine colored palette with BE Creative a couple of weeks ago.. It’s full of berry goodness! It’s very interesting to have a makeup artist pick your makeup shades and guide you in a certain direction with your look, and I can imagine that some women starting off with makeup can especially use that kind of counseling. As a beauty blogger & someone who just generally owns a bit too much makeup and has been wearing makeup for years and learning new tricks along the blogging way, I didn’t necessarily need a workshop like this. It’s great to soak up the knowledge of a professional, but it’s completely up to you to decide whether you need some professional help. These kinds of workshops are done for a minimum of four students in Gent, so it could be a nice little get-together with friends if you like. I’d love to enroll in a full on makeup artistry course to get trained as a professional makeup artist in the future, but since it’s a big investment & I have a full time day job outside of makeup I absolutely love, I don’t think I’ll enroll anytime soon.. But who knows, right?

There are a lot of different workshop or course options to choose from with Make-up Designory. If you’re just starting out with makeup and you’re really struggling with techniques, you can check out one of their separate workshops in which you’ll learn how to achieve a certain look. A workshop like this takes 3,5 hours and costs €49. With every workshop you can spend €20 on products, so in the end you’re paying €29 for the workshop. And if you’re really completely smitten with makeup and want to make it your day job, you can also enroll in full option courses to get trained as a professional make-up artist. More information about all workshops & courses can be found on the Belgian website

The campus in Gent is only open on appointment, so you can’t just pop in and buy products. You can do so though in Kortrijk, on every Friday & Saturday. The price range of the products is very reasonable given their professional formulation, with just €15,50 for an eyeshadow refill & €20,00 for a lipstick. You can find a full list of prices in the store and a complete overview of all products on the website.

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