A good night's sleep in a bottle - Estée Lauder's new Advanced NightRepair

It’s always a bit of a risk reformulating a well loved product, especially when half the globe is raving about it and it’s the company’s best sold product. So it does take some guts to go through with a change; and Estée Lauder was brave enough to do so. Their world famous night serum Advanced Night Repair got a little upgrade (and is now conveniently called Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II), making it more potent and focusing more on purifying the skin during the night. It’s also packed with powerful antioxidants &contains loads of hyaluronic acid to crank up those moisture levels. They haven’t changed anything about the iconic look though: it’s still in a squeaky clean brown apothecary type bottle & is dispensed with a handy pipette.


So what has changed? The main difference between the old and new version of Advanced Night Repair is the addition of a technology that aids a repair mechanism in skin cells called Catabolysis. Sounds a bit funky, but basically it’s a natural skin cell renewal/purification process which apparently peaks during the night time. Some even say that ANRII is a bit like sleep in a bottle.. I haven’t tried the original serum, so I can’t comment much on the difference in use and feel between the two. I have been using the new one for about five or six weeks now, and it’s pleasantly surprised me. I have a bit of an acne problem which has fortunately calmed down a lot in the past two months (I’ll be writing a blogpost with an acne update soon!), but I was still a bit reluctant to leaving out my targeted acne skin care. Luckily I found that the ANRII serum partly even replaced some of the properties of my acne skin care, continuing to repair my broken skin. Other parts of my face that weren’t affected by acne looked brighter and overall I just looked more awake in the morning; not as dull as it sometimes does. I just battled a relapse of glandular fever and need a lot of sleep to feel well rested, so whenever work gets busy or I just can’t seem to fall asleep when I should.. It shows on my skin. It’s great to know that when you can’t count on your own good sleeping habits, you can try to limit the damage by using good skin care.

I think Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II is a great pick-me up you can use during stressful times; some people like to use it once or twice a week but I feel like you need to use it at least a week to see considerable improvement.. So I’d suggest always using the serum as a treatment for about two weeks at a time. Or if you have a bit of an unhealthy and busy lifestyle, you might want to use it daily. I’ve used this without any extra moisturizer which worked fine since I have quite oily skin; but it’s more pleasant to use your favorite night moisturizer on top of it. The 30ml retails for €78,63 & the 50ml for €112,76. It’s been available since August, so I think the old version has completely left the shelves by now.

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