Let the new Diesel Loverdose perfume tattoo your heart

Diesel has launched a new version of their Loverdose perfume and made it more sensual and added a spicy, edgy touch by making it all about tattoos. In comes Loverdose Tattoo. Tattoos are much more accepted by our society already, which I can only applaud. The beautiful thing about tattoos is how permanent they are, each one defining a certain time in your life, encapsulating memories like a film roll. Isn’t that beautiful? Just like tattoos decorate your body & add a certain sensuality only tattoos can provide; this perfume will too.

Loverdose Tattoo by Diesel

Loverdose Tattoo by Diesel

This must be one of the very prettiest of perfume bottles I own - the black heart is perhaps a bit dark and eery, but I love how the vibe around this perfume plays with the idea of love being addictive and containing that dark edge. The name Loverdose is an allusion to loving too much, to having an overdose of love. To top it all off, the black heart is pierced with a dagger. Auwch. Loverdose Tattoo was created by Anne Flipo and Pascal Gaurin. They added bergamot, mandarin orange & cassis in the top notes; rose, orange blossom & absolu of jasmine sambac in the middle notes and tonka bean, rice & vanilla milk in the base notes.

The TV ad for the fragrance is absolutely captivating - while I’m mostly not too impressed with perfume ads, this one is spot on. Wearing the perfume makes you feel seductive and super feminine; the perfume turns warm and sweet on my skin and lingers on all day through. The lasting power is impeccable. The perfume comes in three sizes: 30 ml, 50 ml & 75 ml. The bottle pictured is a 50ml & retails for €65,50. Loverdose Tattoo had a soft launch in our country already, and is now officially available in all Ici Paris XL stores.

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