Philosophy's Hope In A Jar Night

I’ve been staying true to my daily moisturizer for a long while now (I use Kiehl’s Oil-Free Moisturizing Lotion religiously), but night treatments I do like to play with. I love using different serums for different needs, special ulta-nourishing night masks, super effective peels and gentle exfoliants. When I was browsing all the new things Ici Paris XL has to offer us this Fall, I was also introduced to this new Philosophy night product.. called Hope In A Jar Night. Now I’ve never used the day version (told you I’m staying true to what’s been working!), but I was intrigued by this thick & rich night treatment.

philosophy hope in a jar night review

The packaging is black instead of the usual white we’re used to with Philosophy. It’s still stylish as always though, with a matching motivational catchphrase to get you in the mood. “To dream in hope is to wake up to limitless possibility.” Someone print this for me so I can use it as decor in my bedroom, please? Perhaps I would’ve liked a tube packaging more due to hygienic reasons, but I’ll admit that I’ve been too lazy to even look for a spatula, so I’m in a forgiving mood.

philosophy hope in a jar night review

philosophy hope in a jar night review

So what exactly makes this jar a little bundle of hope? Mostly glycolic acid, which tackles the skin surface while we sleep and gets rid of fine lines & scars over time, and will also restore that rosy glow of yours. The cream is very thick and looks much too rich for my combination skin; but I’ve learned that the trick with this one is not to use too much. I apply four little dots of product on my forehead, both cheeks and chin and from there on I massage the small amount into my skin. You’ll notice how it melts like butter and spreads out with great ease. It needs a few minutes to sink in & is then completely absorbed. That’s what my type of skin absolutely loves! No tacky feeling; no layer of greasiness. It’d be a bit overboard to say that I saw results after just one night, but I do start noticing visible change after three nights of using this consecutively. I mostly notice how much this cream helps with tackling both new and old acne scars. Recently I had a “small red bumps” break-out on my forehead because of a (much too) rich cream I had tried out; and luckily the reaction has already reduced a little with switching back to Hope In A Jar Night.. So this one also seems to work with those nasty small red bumps that sometimes just occur! Lastly, I’m also very excited about how you really need just a tiny amount of product with each use: I’d say just a third of what I’d use with any other moisturizing cream. That makes this mid range brand turn almost budget for this particular night cream!

A 60ml tub costs €39.95. Judging the amount I use.. I think this’ll last you four to five months with daily use. Do note: if your skin is quite sensitive when using acids, you might need to refrain yourself & use it every other day instead. In Belgium, Philosophy is exclusively available at Ici Paris XL. And while you’re there, also check out Philosophy’s scent Pure Grace. I sniffed it at a counter a week or two ago while I was browsing the range during gift shopping.. And it was a coup de foudre!

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