Riri ❤ Fall - Woo, Talk That Talk & my favorites

Fall & Winter are always my most favorite seasons when it comes to makeup collections since the shades are almost always heart warming and totally my thing. Pop culture icon Rihanna is filling hearts again this month with her new makeup line Riri ❤ Fall, a collection of indulgent rich & deep colors in pretty pink packaging. What’s not to love? It’s been a while since I’ve been completely smitten with a MAC collection, but this is the second home run for MAC in just a month’s time now (the first home run was the Antonio Lopez, the pink face palette is divine by the way!). I have the lipsticks in Woo (in the old packaging, but it’ll be all pretty & pink packaged too when it hits the stores) & Talk That Talk to show you in avant-première.

MAC Cosmetics Riri Fall Woo and Talk That Talk

MAC Cosmetics Riri Fall Woo and Talk That Talk

MAC Cosmetics Riri Fall Woo and Talk That Talk

Both of these lipsticks are matte, the Retro Matte finish to be exact. Woo is well known already: it’s a gorgeous matte cool red that’ll suit anyone and looks just so sophisticated. The perfect red? Yes. Talk That Talk is a deep dark plum with the same Retro Matte finish. The color is perhaps tricky for some: with the right look this can look extremely sophisticated and high-brow, but it can easily go down another road. Both colors are the epitomy of fall colors and probably many Riri fan’s favorites. 

RiRi MAC Cosmetics Woo Lipstick On Lips Picture

RiRi MAC Cosmetics Talk That Talk Lipstick On Lips Picture

Woo is surprisingly easily wearable for a matte color and lasts for a long while.. It’s almost like a stain & even keeps when sipping coffee or munching biscuits. If you want to wear this all day through, I’d say you’d need to reapply perhaps two or three times depending on your eating & drinking habits. That is not bad at all.. Indeed. Talk That Talk sadly is a bit of a different story.. It’s my very favorite shade of the lipsticks in this collection but comes off very dry and patchy on the lips. My lower lip is never in perfect condition, but it’s not overly dry either. Conditioning my lips first with a clear moisturizing balm actually helped a little, it brought in some moisture which worked well. Reapplication is needed every now and then to fill in the patchy bits. And don’t forget to treat your lips to an overnight conditioning balm afterwards. There’s no real difference in finish between Woo & Talk That Talk, both are nicely matte. 

MAC Cosmetics Riri Fall Woo Talk That Talk Swatches

The whole collection is really pretty & I’m already sure that I’ll buy the Veluxe Brow Liner in Deep Dark Brunette, since I’ve been growing out my brows and they need a little help these days.. Of all the face products I like Cream Colour Base in Diamonds the most, although I will need to see how this performs on my fair skin. The eyeshadow quad in Her Cocoa is a total stunner and will probably be sold out on the first day.. It’s happened before. And finally I like the brushes with the pink handles & bristles, especially the Duo Fibre brush 187SE since everyone needs one of those!

MAC Cosmetics Riri Fall Wishlist

Riri ❤ Fall has already released overseas and will be hitting Belgian stores on October 5th. This one is bound to sell out fast.. So fasten your seatbelts. The previous edition of Woo needed three hours to sell out completely. This pink one might even go faster! The lipsticks will retail for €20.00, the brow pencils for €20.00, the cream base for €19.50 & the eyeshadow quad for €42.00. The Duo Fibre brush will retail for €48.00 and is the most expensive item of the collection. There’s a little extra in the price for the packaging, but nothing out of the ordinary. Thumbs up!

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