The reinvented oldie: Bourjois Java Rice Powder

We all know how I’m a sucker for some pretty packaging. It’s a true flaw, because sometimes I get a tad too forgiving whenever something is colored pink or gold, and especially when luxurious fabric or tassels are involved! During my beauty blog years though I have learned to look past the packaging and into the product, and it’s always a pleasure to discover products that are both pretty and qualitative. One of those gems is the Bourjois Java Rice Powder, a reinvented oldie dating from 1879!

The powder is super light and will fit any skin tone - it’s translucent when you blend it out and very light weight. It’s not a highlighter, but more of an all over radiance powder. I’ll gladly compare it to Guerlain’s Météorites, which gives more or less the same effect. It’s important not to use too much, but to apply a thin layer of this luminous powder to finish of your whole look. I like applying this with a big powder brush after I did all of my face make-up, to blend everything flawlessly.

The packaging was inspired by the old original packaging from 1879 (pictured left in the collage above). I absolutely love vintage packaging like these! Just imagine that 134 years ago, women were also swooning over this magical product, displaying more or less the same packaging on their vanity table. In 1914, no less than 2.500.000 tubs of this rice powder were sold worldwide. That’s quite something..

The powder is rose colored and lightly scented (so delicious!), but turns sheer when blended. Using this lightly all over will add a gorgeous luminosity to your complexion. If you don’t like this look, you could use this a bit more concentrated as a highlighter on the bridge of your nose and cheekbones. You will definitely like this if you also like Guerlain’s Météorites, since it provides a similar finish and experience. If you’ve never bought the Météorites & you’re not sure whether you’d like them, this rice powder is a great budget option to get introduced to luminous finishing powders. When you’re sure you like the finish, you can splurge on the Météorites as well! Little fun fact to finish this comparison with: overall Météorites are actually cheaper than most drug store finishing powders. The tubs contain a whopping 30 grams!

The Bourjois Java Rice Powder is limited edition and costs €12.99 for 3,5 grams of product. It’s in stores now along with the Fall collection. I have been really enjoying using it, it’s hasn’t let me down in terms of finish and wear. This shouldn’t be a limited edition! Bring it back permanently, please Bourjois? Let me know how you feel about it if and when you’ve bought it!

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