The warmth of Honey Mania

I love honey. I really love love love honey. One of my favorite tv snacks is sliced apple with a honey dip. How’s that for a healthy snack? Not to forget about hot milk with a dollop of honey.. Soothing and delicious. The Body Shop clearly knows about this honey goodness and created a Honey Mania line with fair trade honey made from the nectar of wildflowers. The result? A non-chemical indulgent and not-too-sweet line of golden honey products. A true pick-me-up for each moment of the day.. This is beginning to sound like a bit of a love letter, and perhaps it is! Although I don’t think you can blame me..

The body scrub is much alike the The Body Shop scrubs we’re used to: super creamy with a not-too-fine and not-too-course scrubby texture. Smells indulgent and it easy to use under the shower or in the bath tub. The shower gel never fails to make me happy in the morning & I’ve nearly finished the bottle. If I had to describe the scent.. I’d say it kind of smells “like everything is going to be okay”. Comforting & warm! The soap is the perfect budget product to enjoy the scent whenever you wash your hands & is also made with the same fair trade golden honey. I’ve also tried the perfume (turns out lovely on the skin) & lip balm in a little pot (don’t like these kinds of lip balm packagings.. I like tubes way more); but found these three to be my favorites from the line.

The shower gel retails for €7.00, the body scrub for €15.00 & the soap for just €3.50. If you’re already a The Body Shop fan and you kinda like honey, you should definitely pop in to check out this new line. 

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