Two secrets to healthier hair ends

Maintaining long hair can be such a hassle.. Especially when it’s also quite wild and unruly and it needs regular styling. Like mine! I use heat on my hair every two or three days depending on how often I wash it and how I slept on my hair, which can be quite damaging. Of course I use heat protectant products & nutritive oils, but the very ends of your hair need a little bit extra attention.. You want to prevent them from splitting or looking crispy and dry. And since the area needs some targeted extra care, there are targeted products for hair ends that’ll tame and nourish them. It’ll take a while to show process.. But it’ll be so worth it, promised!

Kerastase Touche Finale and Touche Perfection

Kérastase is a key player when it comes to professional hair care and knows how to treat those dry hair ends. The Kérastase Iris Royal line was created especially to treat dry hair with the Irisome Complex, a nutritive complex extracted from the Iris flower that is known to resist extreme dryness. Touche Perfection is a nourishing hair ends balm that quickly adds moisture to hair ends and also adds a UV filter to protect your hair from further damage. The size is perfect to carry along with you during the day for whenever your hair ends start looking dry; now even hair ends have their own personal touch up product! I just use it every morning though just before heading out the door which already makes a huge difference. My hair soaks it up instantly! Kérastase Touche Finale belongs to the Couture Styling line and is a silicone based watery serum that’ll tackle frizz and add shine to dry and damaged hair. Using this makes a big difference for my hair ends: it keeps them looking healthy longer and battles early frizziness. 

Touche Finale retails for €26.00 & Touche Perfection for €28.90. Both are to be found in Kérastase hair salons or specialized stores. 

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